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Home and Away airs kidnap horror ahead of Australian season finale

Summer Bay is dangerous.

A troubling new kidnapping plotline has debuted on Home and Away in advance of the Australian season finale of the programme.

Following Bree’s decision to report him for domestic abuse, the new villain Jacob Cameron made a sinister return in Australia’s triple bill of episodes on Thursday.

Bree courageously broke her silence in recent episodes, telling the police that Jacob had been abusive to her throughout their marriage.

In response, the police issued Jacob with an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO), prohibiting him from speaking with or seeing Bree.

In the episodes airing on Thursday, Jacob violated the terms of his AVO by covertly going back to Summer Bay and watching Bree from a distance.

Jacob also broke into Remi Carter’s house, where he discovered proof of the musician’s fresh romance with Bree.

Jealous Jacob unexpectedly showed up at Bree’s motel room and forced his way inside, which was a worrying development. Fearful Bree was told to pack her belongings so they could leave together.

Remi was alerted by Kirby Aramoana and Theo Poulos that Jacob had returned.

To check on Bree, he made his way to the motel room, but Jacob was able to get the better of him and tie him to a chair.

Jacob violently attacked Remi and made Bree leave against her will as he let out his rage over Remi and Bree’s relationship.

Remi was helpless to stop Jacob from leaving the motel with his terrified wife without any indication of their intended next stop.

As Home and Away prepares to air its season finale in Australia in 2022, Jacob kidnaps Bree.

The final episode of the year will be a 90-minute Channel 7 special centred on Tane Parata and Felicity Newman’s wedding.

According to the official summary: “Eden remains steadfast for Remi. At the birthing class, Dean and Ziggy have trouble fitting in. Cash opens his heart to Eden. The bride is driving towards disaster.”

The final episode of Home and Away for the year has already aired in the UK, where episodes air several weeks after their Australian counterparts.


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