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Home and Away confirms Justin Morgan’s fate after exit fears

Following his vicious attack on an innocent man, Justin Morgan was given a sentence, which Home and Away has confirmed.

In a recent Australian episode, Justin attacked a random person after falling for Ava Gilbert’s deceitful lies.

Obsessed Ava acted as though a guy was holding her against her will in an effort to attract Theo Poulos’ attention.

Ava had thought that Theo would save her, but she was caught off guard when Justin responded to the call for assistance by attacking her purported “captor”.

In the episode that aired on Thursday (April 13) on Channel 7 in Australia, Justin was summoned back to court to learn the outcome of his case.

Although he claimed the mitigating circumstances of being duped by Ava, Justin had admitted culpability and acknowledged that he was wrong to lash out.

In an effort to influence the jury in Justin’s favor, Alf Stewart also testified in Justin’s favour.

Final sentence given to Justin was an 18-month intensive corrective order to be served in the community for the offence of grievous bodily harm.

“You have been told to attend counselling for anger management. A total of 500 hours of community service will be completed by you. You will be detained if you disobey this order, and you will probably spend the balance of this sentence in jail.

Justin was relieved to not have to go to jail, and he and his loved ones rejoiced at the news.

Theo broke the upbeat mood by pointing out that it would be difficult for Justin to accomplish 500 hours of community service on top of his current employment responsibilities.

Justin acknowledged the toll that the previous weeks had taken on Theo and Leah and sorry to them for putting them through this ordeal.

In June, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.


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