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Home and Away gives first look at new character Andrew

In a recent teaser, Home and Away gave viewers their first glimpse of a brand-new character who is likely to go by the name of Andrew.

A mystery message will introduce us to a new character, but will Justin Morgan’s (James Stewart) efforts to assist the newcomer put his and Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou’s) life in danger?

In the advertisement, Justin is seen with his backpack conveniently placed next to two wide openings on a white fence.

Through the fence, a hand can be seen dropping a message inside the bag.

This cryptic note, according to the pitch, “will change the course of so many lives.”

As soon as Justin finds the note in his backpack, he is horrified to read what is written on it.

The blocky handwriting and other spelling errors on the note give it the appearance of being penned by a youngster.

Please assist. need to eat. I occupy the residence known as the “blu letta box.”

Justin locates the residence with the blue mailbox quickly and knocks on the door, but no one answers.

He turns to leave when he notices a man on the ground as he looks through the glass.

Hello, are you able to hear me? When Justin calls out, nobody answers.

He swiftly transports the unconscious person, who is later identified as a small kid, to the hospital by calling for an ambulance.

“You said he left you with a note?” Justin is questioned by Bree (Juliet Godwin) at the hospital.

It wasn’t very verbose. Just ‘I’m hungry’ was written on it.

The youngster, who we assume is named Andrew, is comforted by Justin, who says, “I know you’re scared, mate.” “We’re only trying to assist,”

As Justin says to Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), “it’s like he’s been told to keep his mouth shut,” it seems the youngster won’t talk about what happened.

Justin continues, “He’s so terrified.

The boy is “severely dehydrated and undernourished, and we don’t have much time,” Bree later informs Justin.

Do you think you could provide us with your name? Realising they might not have much time to find out what happened to him, Justin asks.

In the future, Justin informs Leah: “There’s something seriously wrong here.”

Joshua Hewson is the actor that portrays the new character, who is thought to go by the name Andrew.

Thankfully, he survives, as evidenced by a series of behind-the-scenes photos shared on Instagram by Home and Away cast members, who also confirmed that the newcomer will reside at the Morgan home with Justin and Leah after being released from the hospital.

It’s fortunate that Ava’s (Annabel Wolfe) room has just been cleared out!

But it seems like this might not be a good idea, since the spoiler for the episode that airs on Thursday poses the question, “Has Justin invited danger into his home?”

Ada Nicodemou unintentionally exposed Andrew’s existence and provided some hints as to what the character will experience in a video she shared on Instagram last month.

Two new characters named Tegan and Andrew were depicted on a call sheet for episodes appearing later this year.

Script snippets also showed that Andrew, who struggles socially, sees a social worker and stays with Leah, who has been supporting him.

He has also been attending home school.

The screenplay, which was only momentarily displayed on Ada’s Instagram but was noticed and dissected by followers on social media, purported to depict the following conversation from a scene in the Morgan mansion that also featured new character Tegan:


TEGAN’s tea has been refilled by Leah as she moans about how today’s interactions with the social worker went.

She was quite impressed by Andrew’s social interactions, which is better news.

That makes me very happy to hear.

She said that because of you, he is now beginning to interact with people.

LEAH feels a pull.

Andrew is a brilliant youngster who takes things up quickly.

It was a social worker. I’m taking on his teaching… [illegible] possible given Andrew’s location… [illegible]

Joshua Hewson plays newcomer Andrew. Joshua is referred to in his biography on the website of the casting company Creative Soul Management as a “exciting new emerging talent.”

At the end of the previous year, he “booked back-to-back on a major Hollywood production before going on to be as a series regular in an exciting new Australian series.”

In his biography, it is stated that “he [wrapped] the year on a much loved TV show,” which is now evidently Home and Away.


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