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Home and Away lines up shock accident for pregnant Ziggy Astoni

However, more problems are on the way.

When Lucy falls down the stairs at Salt in upcoming episodes of Home and Away that will air in Australia, Ziggy and Dean have reason to be concerned.

The drama, which won’t air on Channel 5 in the UK until early next year, takes a different turn when Dean discovers that someone is looking to accuse him of possible abuse.

When the two arrive at the hospital, Bree examines them, does several tests, and tries her best to soothe Ziggy. She is alarmed by Dean’s overprotectiveness, though, because it makes her think of her own ex and the abuse she endured at his hands.

According to Juliet Godwin, who plays Bree, “Dean’s tone is triggering for Bree and warning bells start ringing,” TV Week. Bree’s perception that she is being abused is confirmed when she notices the bruise on Ziggy’s leg.

Bree has had to justify her own injuries far too frequently, so she won’t stand by and let someone else suffer in quiet.

Even though Bree got the short end of the stick this time, she still makes Dean’s life difficult when she notices a bruise on Ziggy’s calf that, in her eyes, proves her suspicions.

Soon after, Cash is summoned to question Ziggy, and Dean is subsequently instructed to report to the station. Additionally, he is informed that while the investigation is ongoing, he must avoid Ziggy.

However, Bree realises she is completely mistaken and starts to make things right after overhearing Dean being cut up while speaking to Mackenzie.

Bree is devastated when she realises she made a mistake and that Dean isn’t like Jacob. This prompts her to contact the police to discuss her own issue, according to Godwin.

However, will Bree be able to save Dean now that the police are on the case, and will everything be alright for he and Ziggy’s child following her shocking fall?


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