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Home and Away resolves death storyline as Rose Delaney shares big news

The future of one character is established.

After the death of Bree Cameron’s evil husband Jacob, Home and Away has revealed her fate.

Last month, the Summer Bay soap opera killed off Jacob on Australian television as Bree battled for her life and was forced to take extreme measures.

A domestic abuse plot line on Home and Away reached its climax when Bree called the police to report Jacob for beating her.

The demonic Jacob then made a menacing comeback and kidnapped Bree as she attempted to move on with her new love interest Remi Carter.

While stranded on a camping vacation with Jacob, Bree resisted him. Bree accidently killed Jacob when she assaulted him with a spade after spotting him excavating a grave out of worry for her safety.

Bree has been waiting for the results of an official investigation into the incident in subsequent Australian-pace programmes.

This stressful wait came to an end in Tuesday’s Australian episode (February 7), when Rose Delaney visited Bree to give her a case update.

Rose clarified: “They concluded that you defended yourself. It implies that they won’t seek justice for Jacob’s passing. It is done.”

Bree was plunged into a tailspin by the news, questioning the investigation’s findings and blaming herself for Jacob’s passing.

Bree wondered what she could have done better in response to Jacob’s abuse, reverting to old cognitive patterns.

Bree was informed accurately that she wasn’t at fault by Rose’s brother Xander Delaney, a paramedic who had seen the consequences of the camping trip.

As Xander put it “I was there and I witnessed your utmost effort. You’re in a terrible spot because of Jacob. He is to blame for making you fight to survive.”

Will Bree be able to move on with her life now that her ordeal is done as she began to accept that it is over?

In March, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.


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