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Home and Away reveals a first look at wedding day murder plan

The biker gang is a serious menace.

On UK television next week, Home and Away will revive its motorcycle gang plotline with menacing scenes on the eve of Tane Parata and Felicity Newman’s wedding.

Last year, a bikie gang caused problems for the Parata family, but the saga came to an end when Cash Newman killed the group’s leader Marty during a police operation to apprehend them.

Although the majority of the group has since been imprisoned, Cash was the target of a strike as retaliation for Marty’s passing.

Action is finally taken against Cash in the scenes airing on Channel 5 the following week as a current gang member hides in the shadows.

When the man, Lloyd, finds out that Cash will be driving his sister to the ceremony, he discreetly sabotages Felicity’s wedding car.

It is made clear that Lloyd is an employee of risky Tex Wheeler when he makes a call to his gang members.

The day of the wedding arrives the next morning, and unexpected developments put the motorcycle gang’s cunning plan to assassinate Cash in jeopardy.

Felicity’s long-held worries significantly return as she freaks out and locks herself in a bedroom while she puts on her wedding dress and gets ready to depart for the ceremony.

The original idea was for Cash to drive Felicity to her own wedding, but she obstinately refuses to go.

Gary Morrow, Cash’s foster father, and he travel to the ceremony since Cash is aware that he may have to explain a significant delay to the bride.

Eden Fowler, Felicity’s maid of honour, stays behind at the Parata residence to counsel Felicity.

Later, Felicity is persuaded to proceed with the wedding as scheduled by Eden’s counsel.

Even though brake fluid is seeping from the car as Eden drives Felicity to the wedding, the two appear to be headed for disaster.

This episode served as the 2022 season finale for Channel 7 viewers in Australia in November of last year.


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