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Home and Away spoilers: Cash takes on Tex in prison as he goes rogue

After learning that his sister and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) were involved in a serious automobile accident on the big wedding day, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) has been left in a state of emotional collapse.

As Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is recuperating at home, Eden is in a critical condition and it doesn’t seem good. Even worse, the preliminary accident reports reveal that the brakes were severed intentionally, adding insult to injury.

It doesn’t take Cash long to realise that someone was targeting him because he was supposed to be driving the car that day. The only individuals who are out to get him are the bikers. The target appears to still be on his head. Cash makes a promise to exact revenge on Eden and devises a method to look for information, going against established police protocol.

Cash is waiting for permission to enter the prison so he can speak with one particular inmate, Tex (Lucas Linehan). Tex and Cash haven’t seen one other in a while, but Cash has a feeling that Tex knows a lot more about his life than he’s letting on. Cash pushes for the truth right away, but Tex plays it cool and wonders how he could have thought up a scheme to wreck the car while imprisoned.

Tex says he won’t divulge any answers unless he receives something in exchange as Cash presses. Cash, though, won’t bargain with criminals and, even if he wanted to, he couldn’t because this isn’t an authorised visit. Cash, however, doesn’t initially understand where the bikies are getting their information until Tex accidentally mentions Eden’s name.

Cash updates Gary before returning to the Bay. In order to prevent the bikers from deducing that Cash knows everything, the two cops decide to turn the house upside down while searching for the bugs.

As they locate the bugs, the two silently signal to one another, and Cash is enraged. He needs to discover how the bikers are telling Tex information so that he can stop them for good.


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