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Home and Away spoilers: Has Jacob kidnapped Bree as they both disappear?

Bree (Juliet Godwin), who bravely reported her husband to the police for domestic abuse, immediately started to worry about what Jacob (Alex Williams) may do if he found out. Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) then informs her that Jacob is pleading not guilty to the accusations, which only makes things worse. If Jacob tries to get in touch with her, he tells her to dial 911.

As soon as Bree arrives home, Jacob ignores the AVO and telephones her in a fury after being interrogated by the police. Remi (Adam Rowland), who is watching, rips the phone out of her hand when he has had enough. Before hanging up, he orders Jacob to stop calling and to stay away. Bree is indignant that he would take charge in such a way. Bree withdraws since the behaviour reminds her too much of her authoritarian husband, even though Remi claims he was only trying to help.

After their argument, Remi avoids Bree, but Mackenzie (Emily Weir) notices how dejected he is and offers to provide a shoulder. Remi confides everything to her, and although though Mackenzie is shocked to discover about Jacob, she prefers to pay attention to a distraught Remi who believes he has lost his chances of developing feelings for Bree.

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), who has learnt the truth from Dean about Jacob, goes looking for Bree. Bree confides in Ziggy about the relationship because she feels exposed and excluded by Remi. Bree shouldn’t feel bad, Ziggy maintains; she’s only trying to survive in a bad circumstance, not cheating.

After spending some time at the motel, Bree goes to pick up takeout for Remi and Bree after they both find comfort in one another once more. She gets a call from Jacob’s boss while she’s out, telling her that he didn’t show up for work today. When Bree doesn’t return home after picking up takeout, Remi becomes concerned. Bree realises that Jacob could be anywhere. What has occurred to her?


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