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Home and Away spoilers: Juliet Godwin reveals major ‘danger ahead’ for Bree Cameron and Remi Carter in dark kidnap horror

But towards the end of this week, Jacob returns, and the next week turns out to be somewhat of a dramatic high point for the story in question. He breaks into Bree’s motel room while she’s by herself.

According to actress Juliet Godwin, Bree and Remi are both currently in grave danger in the upcoming sequences.

She must therefore make every effort to appease Jacob since not only is she in danger, but so is someone for whom she has a great deal of affection.

“This is a really scary time.”

Meanwhile, Remi learns of Jacob’s return and rushes to save Bree. However, when he reaches to the hotel room, he discovers that Bree is being held captive and has no alternative than to accede to aggressive Jacob’s demands.

Remi is then seen restrained to a chair, with Jacob acting violently towards him as Bree protests that she doesn’t feel anything for him.

To Remi’s dismay, the doctor offers to go with Jacob in an effort to save him. Juliet observed that victims frequently believe that everything is their fault. Bree admitted that she was to blame for Remi’s injuries and that she would go with Jacob if doing so would keep Remi safe.

We’ll have to wait and watch how this plot develops, but Juliet warned fans to be prepared for “some peril” as the storyline rushes to its conclusion.

She warned us that there will be danger and some extremely confronting drama because Jacob had his eyes on Bree and Remi. She added, “Sit tight because it’s going to be a rollercoaster!”


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