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Home and Away Spoilers – Mali’s ex-flame Zara arrives in Summer Bay

This week on the Australian version of Home and Away, Zara, his “promised wife,” shows up, upending Mali and Rose’s romance.

Mali (Kyle Shilling), despite being a “good guy,” is definitely hiding a lot of secrets!

To begin with, he didn’t tell anyone in his family that he was moving to Summer Bay.

When Dean (Patrick O’Connor) required help running Ben’s Boards, the move was just temporary at first. However, it soon turned permanent when Dean gave Mali the board shop and he and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) departed town.

After a few hours along the coast, Mali tried travelling back and forth between Summer Bay and his house at Mantaray Point, but he quickly decided to make the permanent relocation to the bay without telling his family!

Mali kept the information from his mother Vicky (Ursula Yovich) for several weeks before telling her sister Elandra (Rarriwuy Hick).

More recently, we discovered that Mali had explosively reacted when he concealed from his mother and sister that his lover Rose (Kirsty Marillier) was a police officer.

When Vicky realised the truth, she stormed off, telling Mali that his father would have been embarrassed of him.

Early on, it became clear that Mali’s family did not get along well with the local police, and it was suggested that this was due to their Aboriginal ancestry. Mali learned that not all police are the same, despite the fact that this was a first obstacle for her when she first met Rose.

Now, we’re going to learn Mali’s biggest secret to date—an arranged wife—in sequences that will premiere in Australia later this week!

This new trailer for upcoming episodes starts off rather simply. You can see it below. That evening, we witness Mali asking Rose to dinner before the lustful couple kisses.

Then, a woman coughs to draw Mali’s attention as we see him working diligently behind the counter at Manta Ray Boards.

What, there’s no smile on my face? A look of disbelief crosses Mali’s face as she asks.

“What are you doing here?” he asks the person who doesn’t look familiar.

The teaser poses the question, “WILL ONE SPARK REIGNITE AN OLD FLAME?” before revealing the girl’s name.

Mali introduces herself to Xander (Luke Van Os) as Zara. However, Xander’s expression indicates that Rose’s brother is in need of a more thorough explanation.

Playing Zara is Matilda Brown, who also acted in The Caravan, Lessons from the Grave, and 2019’s Palm Beach, which was filmed and set at Summer Bay’s actual residence.

“I am the promised wife of Mali!” says Zara.

He asks, “So like an arranged marriage?”

Later on at Salt, Xander makes an attempt to make things clear.

Mali said, “There are some people who still hope it will happen.”

Xander queries, “Is Zara one of those people?”

Next, snippets of another scene are shown to us, in which Mali and his future wife-to-be jest and laugh together besides the beach, while Xander looks on from the balcony, intrigued.

Is their romance still going strong?

Then, at the farmhouse, we witness Rose introduce herself to Zara. Mali may be seen covering his mouth in the background, possibly fearing what is going to happen.

Rose introduces herself clearly: “My name is Rose, and I’m Mali’s girlfriend.”

“Yes, I am aware of it,” Zara smiles in response.

What is the duration of the smiles?


The recently reunited couple is then seen hugging in the promo.

Later, during their conversation, Mali informs his lover, “Zara’s return has stirred up some old stuff.”

“Was everything okay with Zara after I left last night?” Rose queries in a different situation.

Mali jumps to defend himself right away and says, “Nothing happened!”

Mali could have, perhaps, jumped the gun a little bit.

Rose responds, “That’s not what I asked,” clearly wondering if something happened.

Then, Rose is heard saying to someone, “You were right.” I ought not to have abandoned them!

Mali appears to be faced with some difficult choices; can he and Rose make it out alive?

Matilda Brown, who plays the newcomer, posted on Instagram this morning, saying, “Dropped into Summer Bay for a minute to stir things up 😉 first episode out Thursday!” Kyle Shilling responded, saying, “She trouble 😮.”

This Thursday, Zara will debut on Australian television; on Friday, November 10, she will make her debut in the UK.


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