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Home and Away spoilers: Remi and Bree begin romance after Jacob’s exit?

Since Bree’s husband, Jacob (Alex Williams), showed up in the Bay and started acting violently against Bree (Juliet Godwin), Remi (Adam Rowland) has been fretting uncontrollably about Bree.

her. Bree urged him to back off when he tried to give his assistance, leaving him feeling helpless and anxious.

Remi finds it intolerable to watch the couple act like a happy couple in public while he is aware of the reality. Jacob pushes for physical intimacy when Bree and he return to the motel. Bree, however, loses it in a rare outburst and tells him she can’t continue like this after getting hurt and bruised.

Will Jacob’s assurance of his unwavering love for Bree be enough to convince her that he will change? Remi confesses to Mackenzie (Emily Weir) in Salt that he yearns for a married woman but would never cross that line. Later, Bree and Jacob arrive, and Mackenzie notices Remi keeping an eye on Bree. She immediately connects the dots.

Jacob informs Bree that he intends to remain in the Bay that evening. Bree is genuinely horrified, but advises him to work in the mines for one more stint before they find a place and begin their new chapter. Jacob reluctantly makes his way to the airport.

When Remi arrives home, he is startled to discover a tearful Bree on his doorstep. She sobs on his shoulder and he immediately takes her in his arms. Remi grants her entry after she pleads for assistance.

There is still chemistry between them once Bree is feeling more at ease. Is Jacob’s return the signal they require for romance to take off?


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