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Home and Away Spoilers – Theo’s jealousy over Bob proves costly

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Stacey dumps a bombshell on Xander while Theo’s unease with Bob threatens the band’s scheduled performance at Salt.

After witnessing Lyrik’s current music video’s unexpected success, Bob (Rob Mallett) returned to Summer Bay last week and declared his aim to win back ex-girlfriend Kirby (Angelina Thomson).

Kirby had convinced Theo that she won’t succumb to Bob’s charm, even though Bob is trying everything he can to make Theo feel insecure now that Theo (Matt Evans) has replaced Bob in the band and in Kirby’s love life.

Bob ultimately acknowledges that he could use a boost in his new solo career as he realises his strategy is failing badly as Kirby queries why he’s still hanging out when she’s urged him to sling his hook.

Given that Lyrik are performing at the surf club that evening, Bob inquires as to the possibility of joining them for a song in order to obtain the necessary exposure to land a new gig. It seems that fame and wealth haven’t come to Bob as quickly as he had hoped.

To the chagrin of bandmates Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Remi, Kirby reluctantly agrees, reasoning that it may be the best way to get rid of him (Adam Rowland).

Theo, however, has no intention of allying with his adversary after having to put up with Bob’s insults regarding Kirby. When Theo tells band manager Justin (James Stewart) that he’s not playing the gig, Justin is astonished to discover Theo sitting on the couch.


Bob is hoping that he can fill in when the band learns of the situation, but Kirby, Eden, and Remi are emphatic that they won’t perform without their star performer.

Having to deal with a furious Mackenzie (Emily Weir) in addition to the acclaimed music critic who no longer wants to see a band that skips their own performances, Justin is left to clean up the mess.

Because Theo was uneasy about his fiancée, the band violated a commitment they had with Salt, as Mac points out.

When Theo realises what he’s done, he’s horrified, especially after Kirby explains that it would have only been one song and wouldn’t have happened if Theo had opposed.

When the band meets Mac, she wants compensation for her losses, which total $2000 considering the additional staff, catering, and other planning required for the shows.

Theo thinks that he should bear the expense, however it is unclear exactly how he intends to do so. The thought of playing a free show for Mac is brought up, but he doesn’t want the other members of the band to play for nothing and they don’t have any open weekend slots.

When Theo and Justin enter Salt and begin arranging their guitars and microphones on the balcony, Mac is taken aback by their unexpected inspiration. Up until the loan is paid off, they will perform at no charge.

A throng of people forms outside the club as the two begin their performance. Can their strategy be executed?

Xander (Luke Van Os) and his new acquaintance Stacey are two individuals who do get into the mood of Theo and Justin’s spontaneous performance (Maleeka Gasbarri).

Last week, the two went on a date in Salt, but it was cut short when Xander had to help a man who had collapsed after having a stroke. He’s startled to find Stacey leading exercise sessions for Tane on the beach the next week after learning that she had previously worked as a nurse at Northern Districts when she accompanied them to the hospital.

Stacey says she recently received a job offer from Summer Bay Fit and had previously only been working as an agency nurse while earning her personal training certifications.

Despite the sad events that followed, Stacey says she loved her time with Xander. Seeing him act quickly revealed more about Xander to Stacey than any other guy could on a first date, she says as the topic of their unsuccessful date is brought up.

The couple decides to consider this their second date and quickly becomes engrossed in Theo and Justin’s music.

Sparks start to fly as Xander and Stacey dance together outside the surf club.



As Salt starts to fill up, Theo and Justin’s strategy works, but Mac is taken aback by the sudden influx.

As Xander and Stacey make their way upstairs for a drink, Xander notices that Mac is overworked and offers to help behind the bar because he has his RSA card, which gives him the authority to serve alcohol.

Stacey is even more astounded by Xander’s various skills as he quickly mixes her a cocktail.

When the two return to his flat, they enter the bedroom, with Stacey eager to learn more about his other undiscovered talents.

When Rose (Kirsty Marillier) arrives home that evening and hears Xander’s bedroom filling with the sounds of passion, she almost throws up and leaves quickly.

The following morning, Xander anticipates being questioned, but Rose is happy for him. as long as she informs him in advance so she may avoid the flat!

After being given the apartment that night, Xander asks Stacey if they should get together again but is astonished to hear that she already has a date scheduled. She rejects the idea of monogamy!

While astonished, Xander says he would want to meet Stacey again. However, when he and Rose talk about the incident later, Rose is shocked that he wants anything more to do with her.


Will Xander’s newly discovered relationship end before it even begins?


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