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Home and Away spoilers: Tragedy strikes for Justin and Leah in new trailer as they’re left to die in UK finale

This autumn, watch Home and Away, where the lives of Ada Nicodemu’s character Leah Patterson and James Stewart’s character Justin Burton are left in limbo.

In subsequent scenes, the well-liked pair wins a lavish vacation, which makes them very happy. They then head out to say farewell to their loved ones and enjoy some much-needed time away from the Bay.

But things don’t exactly work out the way they had intended, as the two are set to be abducted in a startling incident.

In the scenes that follow, Justin and Leah are abandoned in a warehouse and given the run-down treatment, with hours turning into days, putting their lives in grave risk.

Justin reaches the top of a ladder and starts scaling the rafters in a desperate attempt to save his cherished wife.

But when the scrap metal he’s using to support himself collapses on top of him, the situation takes an equally disastrous turn!

Leah runs to her husband’s side in the hopes that he will recover, but Justin appears to be seriously hurt.

Graffiti on the surrounding wall reads “The End Is Near,” which couldn’t be more accurate for Leah and Justin, who start to worry that their time is indeed running out.

It quickly becomes apparent that no one is coming to save them, even though Leah is doing everything she can to save Justin, who is in critical danger. Their loved ones seem to be having the time of their lives while they are away.

Is there any chance that Justin and Leah will survive this? Or is this, in the end, how their story ends?

The venerable soap opera has experienced dramatic weeks before, including one in which a bomb detonated in the rear of a van earlier this year.


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