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Home and Away star Sophie Dillman discusses Ziggy’s emotional baby storyline

“I believe it was very significant,”

The emotional new plot involving Ziggy Astoni was discussed by Home and Away actress Sophie Dillman.

The UK segments of the following week focus on Ziggy’s difficulties as a new mother as she disappears after several days of self-doubt.

After so many night feeds, Ziggy begins to feel worn out and struggles to connect with her newborn daughter.

When Dean Thompson later learns that Ziggy has vanished, he panics despite his best efforts to reassure and support his companion.

I think it was really essential to explore, and I’m really glad that we got to see the full trajectory of Ziggy’s pregnancy, Sophie said when asked about the scenes.

“We witnessed the nine months, as well as what each trimester delivered. Then, we witnessed the birth, the aftereffects, and both exhilaration and dread that come with becoming a parent.

“Post-natal depression is extremely prevalent, and it is unfortunate that less is said about it.

It’s good to see that Summer Bay is a tight-knit community where everyone pitches in to support Dean and Ziggy in this particular plot.

When examining Ziggy’s difficulties, Sophie and her co-star Patrick O’Connor, who portrays Dean, both talked to their real-life loved ones.

We have friends who have spoken about how it has impacted them, she said. More in-depth discussion of it is required. To be able to do that on television felt like an honour.

“I hoped to present the most accurate portrayal of that I could without drawing on personal experience.

“It’s certainly something that we would have loved to explore for even more time if we had stayed in the show. It’s just such a whirlwind of diapers, crying, lack of sleep, and everything in between, according to new parents I’ve spoken with.

“It would have been hilarious to try to get a new baby to do the things that were scripted,” she said.

One of the last significant events for Ziggy and Dean before they leave Home and Away is the birth of the child. Their final scenes have already played in Australia, but they will continue to appear on UK television for the foreseeable future.

It was always unexpected that Dean and Ziggy took on the roles they did during the pregnancy – Dean was in favour of it, while Ziggy wasn’t so sure – and we really liked that.

Although it can be challenging, having a baby on set was a lot of joy. You have to respond to the baby’s cues, so you’re very present in the moment. Because a baby can’t be told what to do, it was a lot of joy on set.

I had the best time. “Everyone loves a baby so everyone is happy.”


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