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Home and Away stars reveal ‘heartbreaking’ exit for Ziggy and Dean

Spoilers for Home and Away: Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor talk about Ziggy and Dean’s “heartbreaking” departure.

In the upcoming months, Home and Away will bid goodbye to two of its most beloved characters: Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) and Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman).

You’re weeping, not you.

After Ziggy learned that she was expecting shortly after winning a surf competition, it has been a busy year for the couple.

She confided in Dean despite her initial reluctance, and the two decided to start this new journey together. In touching scenes that actress Sophie Dillman told Metro.co.uk she enjoyed shooting, the couple became parents as they welcomed their baby daughter.

However, Ziggy will battle with motherhood in the upcoming episodes, as she is expected to vanish during the night during Dean and their child’s visits to the Bay the following week.

Sophie said, “It was a big shock because as we saw, Ziggy wasn’t necessarily interested in getting pregnant at that stage.” Although she did accept it, she still has difficulties connecting with her infant, getting enough sleep, adjusting to hormonal changes, and other issues.

Although Karen is great, she is very frightened because she is by herself and doesn’t have her mother with her. She’s been missing for a while. She is fortunate to have Dean and Karen nearby to assist her, but she still faces many challenges.

“Becoming a new parent is likely the hardest thing you will ever do, so I’m not surprised that many people find it difficult to adjust at first.”

“I felt really honoured to be able to tell that story,” the speaker said. “I hope to tell it as honestly as possible because it’s such a common thing—and can be such a scary thing for so many people. It really needs to be spoken about more.”

After being found, Ziggy tells Dean about her difficulties and he decides to help her every step of the way.

In the upcoming weeks, the pair will experience one of their best times together, according to actor Patrick O’Connor, before their exit storyline, which will begin as soon as possible.

He informed us that the upcoming few weeks will be “a really nice period for Ziggy and Dean,” outlining what they can expect from them.

If there was ever a moment for the fans to tune in and see something that would help them feel better about [what was to come], I believe this is it.

Sophie, on the other hand, claimed that shooting her final scenes was “heartbreaking” and that for the final month of filming, she “cried every single day” on set.

It was difficult, Patrick continued. “At the end, it was very difficult.”


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