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Home and Away teases cast exits in new spoiler

Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will be on UK television in the week beginning April 24.

Tuesday, April 25: Mali spends time with Elandra, his sister, who has travelled to the Bay to see how her brother is doing.

Elandra questions Mali about his life in the Bay on Tuesday, April 25.
She is amazed that he kept his employment at the board shop a secret from her.

Tuesday, April 25: Mac and Gabe go for a stroll.
She makes an effort to divert his attention away from the impending test results that will determine whether his cancer has returned.

Tuesday, April 25: Mac and Gabe run across Elandra and Mali.
Hello is exchanged.

Tuesday, April 25: Mali and Mac introduce the speakers.
Gabe and Elandra initially cross paths.

On April 26, Bella moves closer to Nikau.
She spots him close to the shore.

On April 26, Bella presents a picture of Nikau.
She took it back when they started dating.

Wednesday, April 26: Nikau confronts Bella
He enquires as to whether attending her goodbye dinner would be too awkward.


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