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Home and Away to air aftermath of shock death storyline

Remi and Bree might never reunite.

Note: This story touches with topics like rape and s*xual assault.

Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

The tragic death of Jacob has significant ramifications, and Bree Cameron and Remi Carter from Home and Away will likely have an unclear future on UK television next week.

Bree recently began seeing Remi after asking him for advice and assistance on how to leave her violent husband Jacob.

As a result of Jacob’s evil kidnapping scheme, Bree accidentally kills him in this week’s scenes on Channel 5.

Bree’s ordeal may finally be over, but Remi quickly worries that their own relationship may never be the same as she begins to distance herself from him.

The following week, after submitting her police statement regarding Jacob’s death, Bree confides in Rose Delaney.

Bree claims that, despite the awful circumstances, she feels bad about killing Jacob. As a result of sleeping with Jacob while they were hiding away together, she also concerns how she would deal with Remi.

Rose tells out that because Bree was being kept against her will by Jacob, the intercourse was not consenting. Despite his prior support, Bree is still unsure of Remi’s perspective.

Remi struggles with being left outside in the cold as Bree begins to consider that it might be preferable to keep him at a distance for a bit.

Remi wants to talk to Rose about what’s happening, but Rose is powerless to assist because she can’t infringe on Bree’s right to privacy. Remi should exercise patience, is Rose’s one piece of counsel.

Bree subsequently confesses to Remi that she finds it difficult to believe her sentiments for him in the past. She now questions whether their romantic relationship was solely a result of the terrifying circumstance with Jacob.

Bree is unsure and still wants time to sort things out, despite Remi’s insistence that their love is genuine.

As she doesn’t want to stay at the motel where Jacob abducted her, Bree finds herself without a place to stay.

Bree is given a much-needed lifeline while she ponders her options when Rose steps in and offers her the spare room at the pier apartment.


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