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Home and Away villain Jacob star’s life – co-star girlfriend to explosive cricket row

Recently, the Channel 5 soap opera Home and Away added Jacob Cameron, the wife of Dr. Bree, as a brand-new antagonist. But what about actor Alex Williams’ life outside of the spotlight?

Fans of the Channel 5 soap opera Home and Away were recently introduced to Jacob Cameron, Dr. Bree’s husband, as a new antagonist.

Alex Williams portrays Jacob, who has been assaulting his wife while quickly realising that she is in a dangerous situation.

What about Alex the actor’s real life, though? It’s a far cry from what he portrays because he’s actually deeply in love with his well-known girlfriend and plays amateur sports in addition to acting.

The Daily Star delves deeply into Alex’s life away from the cameras, covering everything from his Hollywood roles in several film biopics to his unrecognisable change.

Hollywood renown

In addition to Home and Away, Alex has lent his name to a number of high-profile movies. In 2012, a film about Julian Assange brought him to public attention.

In Underground: The Julian Assange Story, Alex played the man who founded WikiLeaks, but that isn’t the only well-known figure he has played.

In the miniseries Brock, Alex played Australian race car racer John “Slug” Harvey in 2016.

Additionally, he will portray legendary cricketer Shane Warne in the upcoming movie Warnie.

renowned girlfriend

Outside of his work on Channel 5 soap operas, Alex is in a very happy relationship with actress Indiana Evans.

From 2004 until 2008, Indiana portrayed Matilda Hunter in Home and Away. Later in her career, she also landed parts in Thor: Love and Thunder and Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Fans frequently refer to the duo as a “beautiful couple” on Alex’s Instagram, where he frequently posts beautiful pictures of them together.

They also have a black cat named Gnocchi who is their common animal companion.

Alex congratulated Indiana on her birthday by writing: “Happy Birthday Indiana!

Let’s be honest… 80% of my followers on this site are mostly interested in seeing photographs of Indiana.

“The other 20% desire mouthwatering gnocchi content. Indiana only desires gnocchi!

During the lockdown of 2021, Alex affectionately referred to Indiana as “my love,” saying, “Lockdown is never too bad with company like this.”

Cricket argument

Alex appears to be using his own sporting expertise to play Shane Warne in his new TV series.

He plays cricket for the Mount Lawley Ingelwood Panthers and is an avid player himself.

However, not all has gone smoothly, as Warne’s family has voiced their displeasure with his new regimen.

When the news first surfaced, his daughter Brooke Warne was furious at Channel Nine and wrote: “Do any of you have any respect for Dad? or his household? Who contributed so much to Channel Nine that, six months after his death, you want to dramatise his life and our family’s lives?

You have shown utter disdain.

The family “gave their support” for the two-part series, Channel Nine insisted later.


Since making an appearance in Underground: The Julian Assange Story in 2012, Alex has undergone a significant change in appearance.

The actor, who was born in Perth, used to have golden hair that was about shoulder long and fell in a floppy way around his face.

In recent headshots from before his time on Home and Away, Alex has chosen to cut his hair shorter and show off his prominent jawline.

The lean star is dressed in a grey t-shirt, which highlights the vivid blue of his eyes as he fixes his gaze on the camera.


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