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Home and Away’s Cash upsets Eden with decision over their future

With Cash and Eden on Home and Away at odds over their future, things are far from easy for the couple.

The two recently hooked up at what seemed like every chance, but now they appear to have different expectations for their relationship, which is creating conflict.

In the episodes that run the following week, Cash asks Eden if she feels anything for him, but Eden is reluctant to admit it.

However, it doesn’t really matter because Remi already told Cash about Eden’s emotions, which infuriated her for betraying her trust.

She navigates the walkway by the lighthouse as she rushes out to let off some steam but slips and sprains her ankle.

She reluctantly accepts Cash’s assistance as he transports her to the hospital because she is unable to walk. She quickly realises she is falling for him at the same time.

When she gets there, she gets frustrated with Cash and Remi’s continual attention and begs the hospital personnel to let her stay the night so she can get away from them.

Eden is certain that she wants to be left alone since she is unable to face her difficulties and the man she loves. The former offers to stay behind.


She then confides in Remi, saying that although she is aware that her feelings aren’t shared, she would rather to live in “blissful fantasy.” He cautions against doing this, claiming that it will only result in heartbreak.

She eventually confesses her love for Cash, but he gently breaks it off by suggesting that they call it quits on their relationship before Eden’s suffering gets worse.

Is their love irreparably ruined as a result of this news, or does Eden still have a chance?


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