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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman issues threat to Tane Parata in new row

Will she actually follow through?

Felicity Newman and Tane Parata from Home and Away will continue to struggle this week in Australia as the fallout from the terrifying collision, which hasn’t aired in the UK, continues.

In subsequent scenes, Tane will become irate when he can’t get the Surf Club’s Wi-Fi to function and lash out at John, who is fully unprepared for it (according to TV Week).

In order to prevent the issue from getting worse, Dean ultimately needs to step in and take charge.

Tane tries to be helpful at home by suggesting to Felicity that she consider seeking counselling to help her deal with the trauma.

Unfortunately, she is deeply delusional and sneaks booze into the house to try to deal with her problems, so the proposal makes her explode. She’s so enraged, in fact, that she makes a move-out threat.

According to Jacqui Purvis, who plays Felicity, “Flick survived the crash, but the dust has settled and the mental damage hits her.”

She feels responsible for the accident and uses alcohol to dull her guilt and sadness.

Sadly, I have the impression that communicating with her might take some time. Will she begin the road to recovery before her union with Tane suffers irreparable harm?

Ava Gilbert, Justin Morgan’s estranged daughter, unexpectedly makes a surprise visit to Summer Bay in other episodes airing this week in Australian time.


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