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Home and Away’s Tammin Sursok hints at a possible return

Exclusive information from Tammin Sursok about Summer Bay.

Tammin Sursok originally gained notoriety in Australia while playing Dani Sutherland on the television series Home and Away from 2000 to 2004. She eventually became a star in the enduring soap opera The Young and the Restless after relocating to the US for her acting career.

Although she won a Daytime Emmy Award for her portrayal of Coleen Carlton, she only stayed on the show for two years, and she has since vowed not to return to any other soap operas. She made an unexpected choice and secured a guest role in Neighbours, which will air in Australia in April 2022.

She explains why she changed her opinion about soap operas and discusses a future return to Summer Bay in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Lifestyle.

But she admits, “I thought it was really cool and like nostalgia for me. I always would have said I would never have come back to Neighbours or a soap at all.” To make meaning of being on Home and Away, I almost had to do it.

The Pretty Little Liars actress continues by saying that she would be open to a future visit in Summer Bay after her time as Montana Marcel on Neighbours.

She responds, “[I would return] for a week, sure, why not?” “I would definitely give Home and Away a nod of nostalgia.”

The demanding shooting schedule and demands are simply too much for Tammin as a working mother for her to accept, hence she is not open to returning to the soap opera as a prominent cast member.

Because of the long hours and lack of time with her children, she says she could never do it on a long-term basis.

Phoenix and Lennon’s mother, a celebrity currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, expects to return to Australia in a year to raise her two kids. This suggests that there’s a possibility Tammin will visit Summer Bay shortly.

‘It’s cool,’ Tammin says of the Home and Away links.
Tammin has been a part of Home and Away for more than 20 years, and she still maintains in touch with a few of the actors.

In fact, she was recently slated to work on a movie alongside Bec Cartwright, who played Hayley Smith. It never happened because I had to finish filming something and I was unable to return, but [Bec] made the movie, she admits.

One of the biggest stars that Home and Away has undoubtedly created is Chris Hemsworth, and Tammin is acquainted with both the Thor actor and his siblings. She claims that despite his continued professional success, he is still a “lovely” person.

It also makes sense that Tammin and Christie Hayes became close during the filming because Christie portrayed Kirsty Sutherland, Tammin’s on-screen sister. The star is appreciative of the relationships she formed when she first started acting since they keep one other updated on their life via text.

“Everyone is in different places in their lives, but it’s cool when you start with people [like] that, that’s awesome,” she exclaims.


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