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Home and Away’s Tammin Sursok praised for ‘honest’ parenting story

Tammin Sursok, a former Home and Away actor, has received recognition for raising awareness of postpartum depression. She shared some upsetting photos from a vulnerable moment in her life on Instagram and wrote about the “deep anguish and great terror” she experienced after giving birth.

Her video began with a selfie of the star crying, then it cycled through a few pictures of how worn out the new mother was. After showing a montage of happy moments with her kids and exercising, Tammin assured her admirers that “it gets better.”

Although it hasn’t always been easy, the 39-year-old celebrity is a proud mother to her kids Phoenix, 9, and Lennon, 3. She described in detail how terrible becoming a mother was in the Instagram caption.

“I underwent a personal transformation the day my daughter was born. I wasn’t ready for the intensity of love I was about to feel, she said. “I was also unprepared to experience absolute loss, uncertainty, despair, and terror,” the author continued.

The Pretty Little Liars star claimed that because she bought into the idea that motherhood is the “greatest moment of your life,” she felt like a “failure” and “not good enough.”

“I was able to drag myself out of a black hole that I never dreamed I’d find myself in via months of rest, counselling, and community. This video is for new mothers and mothers who are experiencing various emotions; just know that things will get better.

In addition, Tammin urged anyone going through a difficult postpartum phase to seek assistance and urged her followers not to “give up.”

It improves over your wildest expectations, she wrote.

Many readers thanked Tammin for her frankness as they swamped the comment area with their own postpartum stories.

“This really speaks to me. When you become a mother, so many people tell you that it’s the happiest moment of your life. However, I spent my days begging for my old life to return, crying in private, and wondering what the hell I had done. It truly does get better if you just hold on, so thank you for being so open and sharing your story,” one fan remarked.


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