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How Long Does My Content Need To Be For Seo

How Long Does My Content Need to Be for SEO?

How Long Does My Content Need To Be For Seo
How Long Does My Content Need To Be For Seo

Customers often need to know the length of their content ought to be. They’d like to know an amount. They want to be aware of how much they can achieve. – How Long Does My Content Need To Be For Seo

I’d like to give you a number however, it’s not really in this manner. In SEO it is possible to make certain that some keywords are highly competitive , meaning that there are lots of searches for them , however, some terms are not being searched in any way. If no one is really looking for a specific term then you can do it by putting together a couple of paragraphs of original, targeted evergreen content. If you’re in the very competitive field you’ll need more than few paragraphs on a page in order for Google to take notice of it. – How Long Does My Content Need To Be For Seo

It’s also a challenge to answer as every client is different and have different restrictions. If it’s a huge multinational company There is only a limited amount of budget for content. If it’s a solo-preneur there’s only a limited amount of time to create content. – How Long Does My Content Need To Be For Seo

It would be great to have some magic number that I could provide however, the reality is the content has to have to be “long enough.”

Understanding the Long Tail in Content Marketing

Have you heard of the long tail previously? Look at the below chart:

The y-axis (vertical) shows the amount of people who are looking for a specific phrase. In contrast, the x-axis (horizontal) shows the degree of specificity that the query could be. There are certain phrases that are searched by lots of people, yet they’re very general. Certain terms are extremely specific, yet they aren’t often searched for by a lot of people. This is known as”the long tail.. – How Long Does My Content Need To Be For Seo

Let’s take a look at an example of this. We’ll use a limo company to illustrate it.

There are many people who are searching for limousine. It’s a broad phrase. Of the many people searching for limos and what are they looking for? Do they need a limo today? Are they looking to buy one? Are they interested in learning how to be an owner of a limousine firm? The word “limo” is very broad. It can mean a variety of different things. This is why lots of people are looking for it. – How Long Does My Content Need To Be For Seo

We can now be more precise and call it, “Asheville limo.” It’s likely that fewer people are looking for the phrase. It’s more specific and the meaning is more clear. Perhaps they require a limousine in Asheville to travel there from their airport and get to a particular location. Perhaps they want to find out how many limo firms are operating located in Asheville as they are planning to establish a limousine company. This is even more specific.

However, there are certain phrases, such as “I’m in the Asheville Airport and Uber will not take me there. I require a limo now and I’ll be paying top-dollar to get it.” This is very specific and not many people would search for that phrase because it’s extremely specific. – How Long Does My Content Need To Be For Seo

Here’s the point where the long tail becomes fascinating. Some words are broad, while others are quite specific, and some achieve the goal superiorly than others. Limo is a broad word. I’d bet that conversion rates aren’t very high for limousine companies using the word “limo.”

Some searchers are searching for an limo, while others are seeking the limo of Black Mountain, not a limousine located in Asheville. Therefore the conversion rate will probably be quite low. But if we search for “Asheville limo,” the conversion rate begins to rise as it gets more specific.

For instance, if someone searches for “I’m in the Asheville Airport and Uber will not be able to pick me up. I require a limo now, and I’ll spend top dollar for it,” it’s a extremely specific search. If you’re the site that is discovered on Google for the phrase, you’ll get the most guaranteed price, with an 100% conversion rate. This is evident in the following chart: – How Long Does My Content Need To Be For Seo

Why You Need Longer Content

If you’re using too broad the terms you’re using to search for SEO, your conversion rate will be less. If you’re more specific the rates of conversion will become greater. This is where the long tail is in. There will be a myriad of possible phrases one could search with the word “limo,” and the conversion rate any limousine company gets by using the term “limo” is likely to be low.

But, when long tail phrases are used the limo companies that use the phrases are more likely to see conversions due to this. It’s likely that you’ll receive more business through the phrase “long tail,” not “limo.” – How Long Does My Content Need To Be For Seo

This is why you should have lengthy content on your sites. If you’re writing about an extremely narrow topic and write only a few of words, the number of long-tail searches that people might find your website on Google is very limited. If you write an extensive piece of content you’ll be searched for for a nearly thousands of searches that people might think of in search of a limousine in Asheville.

Your content will be ranked for the most diverse phrases that you’ve never considered because you’ve got longer content, which means you have more potential long tail search terms. Certain of those terms will have a large conversion rates. – How Long Does My Content Need To Be For Seo

The longer content you create, the more chances because there are more possible terms that can be discovered on Google. That’s the reason why Google prefers content with long words. It’s not because Google rates a website higher simply because it has more than 1000 words.

Because there’s lots of information on the page There are many ways Google can direct traffic to the page. Of those specific keywords that someone could use to locate the page it is more likely that they will make a conversion.


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