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huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

The following week on EastEnders, Janine receives a baby bombshell, Linda confesses her affection for Mick, and Frankie decides to leave Albert Square.

Here is a complete list of the upcoming 13 biggest moments:

Janine discovers she is pregnant

When Janine begins to feel ill, she cancels a day trip that she had planned to take with Mick.

Janine assumes they have the same illness when her daughter Scarlett also becomes ill.

Janine learns she is pregnant after collapsing and being taken to the hospital.

Denzel apologises to Amy

Soon after Denzel, a teenage boy, arrived in Albert Square last month to stay with his estranged father, Howie, Amy started to develop feelings for him.

But is it possible that Denzel harbors unrequited feelings for Amy as well?

Tommy and Nugget, two fellow students, are warned by Denzel to stop bothering Amy.

Then he apologizes to Amy for his earlier rudeness to her.

Dotty is homeless

After being ejected from the Panesar home, Dotty’s living situation is still up in the air.

Bernie, however, reassures Dotty that she still has her family to whom she can turn for support.

After all, Dotty’s grandma, Dot, still owns 25 Albert Square.

Will Dotty ask Sonia, the current occupant, if she can relocate?

Alfie attempts to sell his boat

Despite all the drama on his ex-wife Kat’s wedding day, it appears that Alfie will remain in Albert Square.

Wheeler dealer Alfie attempts to raffle off his canal boat while setting up a booth in the market, but he soon gets into a fight with market inspector Honey.

Frankie’s exit story revealed

After her recent terrifying ordeal, Frankie is ready for a new beginning away from Walford.

When Frankie receives a new job offer in Scotland, how will Mick react?

Mick continues to support Linda

Today is Linda’s meeting with her attorney to talk about regaining custody of her infant daughter, Annie.

Mick assures Linda, his ex-wife, that he still cares about her and will do everything in his power to facilitate their reconciliation.

Vinny drops a bombshell

After she had a sexual encounter with Finlay, Dotty and Vinny are no longer in love.

Ash confronts Dotty in a fit of rage for breaking his heart once more.

When Rocky tries to break up the altercation, Vinny snaps and gives Rocky a shocking revelation.

Kathy struggles with Walford East reopening

Suki, a local businesswoman, and Ravi, a former prisoner, will take over management of the neighborhood restaurant when it reopens.

However, Kathy is depressed because her son Ian used to own the restaurant.

Eve grows suspicious of Suki and Ravi

When Eve overhears Suki and Ravi arguing, she becomes curious.

Is it related to Walford East’s premiere? Or is Eve about to learn the horrifying secret Suki and Ravi have in common?

Linda contemplates her future with Mick

Linda confides in Sharon, her closest friend, about her feelings for Mick, her ex-husband.
Is it possible that Mick and Linda will still have a second chance at love?

Harvey and Jean grow closer

Jean gets a drink invitation from Harvey.

Jean begins to get hopeful, but Harvey quickly clarifies that they are simply good friends.

Kheerat catches Stacey and Ravi

Kheerat is persuaded to go to Walford East’s debut.

After Stacey questions Kheerat’s obsession with Ranveer’s whereabouts, he chastises her for drinking too much throughout the course of the evening.

Later, Ravi discovers an inebriated Stacey in the kitchen, but an unimpressed Kheerat ends their flirtatious exchange.

Suki struggles with her secret

When Kheerat keeps asking questions about Ranveer’s whereabouts, Suki struggles to control her panic.

Suki dismisses Kheerat’s claims that he has misgivings about Ranveer and Ravi.


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