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Coronation Street theory: Kelly Neelan keeps pregnancy hidden from Aadi in exit twist

Kelly Neelan of CORONATION STREET will be forced to flee for her life if her plan of vengeance against Gary Windass fails.

After learning that Gary Windass (Mikey North), who played Kelly Neelan in Coronation Street, killed her father Rick Neelan (Greg Wood) and let her mother Laura Neelan (Kel Allen) take the fall, Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson), hatches a plan to kill him. In an unexpected turn of events, Gary will have to work quickly to save Kelly’s life, but could there be a secret motive driving him to do so?

After failing to identify her kidnapper to the police, Kelly approaches Kieron in the episodes airing next week and offers him £10,000 to kill Gary.

They have tickets to Bangkok, Kelly tells Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain), but she doesn’t mention that they are one-way.

Could she be preparing to move the couple to a new location while keeping her pregnancy a secret from Aadi?

As Gary toasts the couple at their engagement party, Kelly struggles to contain her rage.

Gary exclaims his admiration for Kelly and tells her how much he values her as a member of his family.

But the teen explodes, admitting to Gary that he killed her father.

When Gary pursues her, Kieron is waiting for him next to a van.

Kelly tells the bad guy he’ll get the rest of the money after Gary is dead as he knocks him out and throws him into the car.

Gary is directed by Kieron through the woods to the scene of Rick’s murder, where he is told to dig his own grave.

The popular character from Coronation Street will find a way out, but spoilers have not indicated whether Kieron will be aware that he didn’t complete the task for which he was hired.

Kelly is in danger, so Gary quickly returns to Weatherfield and finds Aadi to inform him of the situation.

In the meantime, Kelly is led by Kieron onto the roof of a shuttered mill, where he confesses to wanting to kill her and blame Kelly for Gary’s slaying.

The Kelly actress Millie revealed that her character will be in great danger while speaking to yzee.uk and other media outlets.

Kelly is at rock bottom, she said. She can only hit rock bottom so many times before it finally gets to her.

“I believe it has finally gotten to her; she recently accepted her fate.

“She has tried to do what she needs to do, she has returned, but she has just been a little naive and underestimated the people her dad dealt with, and that’s when she realizes, ‘Ok, I’m not my dad. I’m me.'”

You’ll notice how intense it is, said Millie. She’s just a 17-year-old girl, but she’s been through a lot, and this is her last outfit.

Despite Kelly’s plan to have Gary killed, Gary rushes to the mill to save her.

Could she have told Gary something before his abduction that convinced him the teenager should be saved despite how upset she is with him?

Gary would take every action in his power to save Kelly if he found out she was pregnant.

Although there will be a shot fired, Coronation Street spoilers have not indicated whether anyone will be killed.

Gary would be aware that Rick may have other associates who would pursue Kelly even if Kelly survives because of Rick’s involvement in the criminal underworld.

Could Gary and Kelly decide it would be best for the teen to leave Weatherfield with her child and begin a new life there?


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