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Inside Home and Away Mali Hudson star Kyle Shilling’s music career away from soap

Indigenous actor Kyle Shilling, who plays Mali Hudson on Home and Away, also raps and sings in a very interesting side gig outside of Summer Bay.

Kyle Shilling, who plays Mali Hudson on Home and Away, is also an accomplished artist.

Kyle was the first ever Indigenous major character in the soap opera and had a successful career as a musician, dancer, and actor.

Kyle made the joyful announcement at the end of 2022 while visiting Summer Bay earlier this year, making followers of both the rapper and the soap opera happy.

However, viewers of the Australian serial opera might not be aware of the Mali actor’s side gig, which involves him spitting bars as a rapper.

Under the alias BLACX, Kyle is a very well-known rapper who has appeared on Triple J’s uncovered.

The actor and rapper has more than 700 followers on his KyleShillingMusic Instagram profile, which is devoted to music.

The Mali star was very busy on the account before joining the soap, posting images of him recording music in a studio and clips from songs that had been finished.

He appeared in the tune SOCKS and THONGS in 2018.

A YouTube movie featuring him singing, rapping, and appearing in a music video for the song SOCKS and THONGS is linked in the Instagram bio of his music page.

In July 2018, the peppy song was posted to YouTube.

His personal account, blacx_13_kyleshilling, which has almost 10,000 followers, is where he spends the majority of his Instagram activity these days. His dedicated music profile on Instagram was last active in May 2019.

While Kyle hasn’t shared anything on his music account since 2019, his personal account, where he raps while acting, is very busy.

Kyle Shilling performs more often under the stage name Blacx, and the former name is featured on Spotify with a playlist of tracks and more than 300 monthly listeners.

Know Your Worth, Brown Eyes, Feeling Good, and Do My Dance are among the songs available on Spotify.

It’s confirmed ladies and gentlemen. Stoked to be part of the amazing family/team of Home and Away, Kyle wrote on his main Instagram account when he made the announcement.

It has been an absolute privilege to work with everyone involved, nothing but an honour. I can’t wait for you all to see Mali Hudson’s tale.


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