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ITV to air missed Coronation Street episode on Monday but drops Emmerdale

According to ITV, a Coronation Street episode that was supposed to air on Friday, September 9, will now air on Monday, September 12.

The episode, which will air on the network at 8 p.m., centers on the events leading up to Toyah Battersby’s murder trial.

The regular episode from Monday is replaced by this, leaving the soap opera one episode behind.

Additionally, ITV will not be airing any Emmerdale on Monday, leaving the sister program out in the cold.

The schedule adjustments coincide with ongoing coverage of the Queen’s passing

Queen Elizabeth II ruled for more than 70 years before passing away peacefully at the age of 96.

The late monarch paid a visit to the longest-running soap opera last year to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

The Trafford, Greater Manchester, studios for the ITV drama gave Elizabeth a tour that included a visit to the Rovers Return pub.

The monarch also met cast and crew members while strolling Weatherfield’s renowned cobblestone streets.

She met with neighborhood organizations during her visit to Manchester Cathedral.

The Queen told the cast and crew, “It’s really marvellous you’ve been able to carry on,” after asking how they had managed to continue filming throughout the pandemic.

William Roache, the actor with the longest tenure, retorted, “Well, ma’am, you’re the one who has carried on.”

Before the soap moved to Trafford in 2013, the Queen had previously visited Coronation Street at its original Manchester studios in 1982.

From Beverley Callard to Daniel Brocklebank, the cast has been sharing tributes.


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