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Johnny Ruffo shares ‘beautiful’ day with partner: ‘Looks like paradise’

If the singer and actor’s most recent social media post is any indication, his journey home to Western Australia will be filled with plenty of sun, sand, and surf.

The X-Factor performer was raised in the Balcatta neighbourhood of Perth before moving to the east coast with his partner Tahnee Sims.

To celebrate Christmas with his family and to reunite with his brother Michael, who now resides in Ireland, he and Sims recently took a flight back to Washington.

Ruffo and Sims spent Thursday on Rottnest Island, a tourist destination off the coast of Fremantle.

Celebrities frequently visit Rottnest to take selfies with quokkas, but Ruffo only wanted to enjoy the warm weather and the crystal-clear waters.

Beautiful day in Perth, WA, according to @rottnestislandwa. Ruffo wrote a caption for it.

The images featured a happy selfie with Sims, Ruffo knee-deep in the sea, and some breathtaking landscape views.


One supporter said, “Now that looks like paradise!”

“Enjoy! Beyond home, it’s our favourite place to be,” added another.

One supporter remarked, “I spotted you both at Hillarys, waiting for your ship.

I’ve been following your travels for a while and am a great fan of you guys (since I made that call to vote for you all of those years ago).

I wanted to say hello but refrained.

Lucky ducks, enjoy Rotto! What a wonderful place.

The crucial query was posed by one person: “Where’s the required quokka selfie, Johnny?”

Another added, “Have a nice weekend together in the sunshine.”

Ruffo has been updating his followers on his travels throughout Western Australia.

He took a sweet mirror photo with Sims wearing holiday pyjamas in one post.

In other pictures, he is either beaming joyously next to Sims on the plane or reunited with his nonna and brother Michael.

Ruffo informed his followers that his chemotherapy treatments for the year were over on December 7.

“I completed another year of chemotherapy. I got through, though it wasn’t easy,” he wrote in his post.

Can’t wait to spend some well-deserved time with my family during the upcoming holiday break.

The message was accompanied by a picture of Ruffo being treated in the hospital while still grinning and giving the thumbs up.


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