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Kate Ritchie makes announcement after stepping away from radio show

The former Home and Away star has given her fans a significant update.

After stepping back from work obligations in the latter part of last year, former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie provided her fans with an update.

In October, the 44-year-old mother of one resigned from her well-liked Nova radio programme, claiming that she was “weary” and needed some time to “re-energise.”

In an official statement posted on the Nova website in October, she said, “I’m exhausted and I just need a break for a short while (to) have more time for me, and my family, to re-energise.”

She was the kind of person who “invested a lot of emotional energy into whatever I do,” Ritchie continued.

She cited her family, work, and recent radio and television work as priorities. She added that she had written a children’s book in her spare time.

“Recharge the batteries so you can start fresh the next year.

And even if it’s only temporary, I’ll miss you all. In the New Year, I’ll see you.

Ritchie expressed excitement for her impending comeback in “a few more weeks” when posting a photo of the Nova studio on her Instagram account on Friday.

“Hi everybody, I won’t be back for a few more weeks, so tune in to the guys who will be back LIVE in the studio on Monday at 4 p.m. She composed.

By the way, I’m doing great and am looking forward to 2023.

Ritchie was obliged to issue a statement in December of last year when photos of her at a Sydney private mental health clinic were published in an Australian newspaper.

Ritchie called the publication of photos of him entering and exiting the facility by The Daily Mail Australia a “terrible infringement of my privacy.” Ritchie is a well-known radio broadcaster and television personality.

Ritchie sent a message on Instagram a few hours after the Daily Mail published the images on its website.

She commented, “As previously said, I am taking a hiatus till next year.

The past year has been extremely emotionally taxing, as well as demanding in terms of scheduling, stress, and sleep deprivation.

“I realised that this had resulted in a bad alcohol dependency.

“I therefore made the decision to make the most of this opportunity by seeking the assistance I require from experts in this field.

“As everyone would see, taking this step is a very significant one for me.

“I genuinely appreciate all of your support,” you said.

Fans were thrilled to learn from her most recent post that she was “doing great.”

“I can’t wait, woohoo! I’m very happy to hear that you’re doing well, said one supporter.

Another person added, “Can’t wait to hear you when you’re ready.

Another person added, “I’m glad to hear you’re doing well, and I can’t wait to hear you back in the studio when the time is perfect.

Another person said, “It’s great to read that Kate is doing well. Stay well and safe and put your needs first.”


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