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Letitia Dean weight loss leaves EastEnders viewers stunned ‘Looks so good’

Fans of EASTENDERS witnessed Sharon Watts attempt to sabotage Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater’s wedding in order to throw a wrench in the plans. However, the weight loss of actress Letitia Dean astounded the audience.

Viewers tuned into BBC One on Wednesday night to watch Steve McFadden’s portrayal of Phil Mitchell wed Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace). Letitia Dean’s character Sharon Watts arrived to try to win Phil back, claiming that he was marrying the wrong person.

Phil and Kat decided to get married this month after dating for a while, but in typical soap fashion, things didn’t turn out as they had planned.

The couple and their twin sons ended up stuck on a canal boat after Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) went back to Walford.

Kat was running behind schedule for the ceremony due to the dying motor, which annoyed Phil.

Nevertheless, Sharon, who was present to console her ex-partner, was dressed in a figure-hugging off-the-shoulder dress.

In Kat’s absence, Sharon attempted to ruin the wedding by telling Phil he was marrying the wrong person.

Despite the fact that they had been apart for some time, his near-death experience caused her to reconsider her feelings.

Kate arrived just in time to stop things from getting worse after Sharon attempted to kiss her to show how serious she was.

Kat and Phil were left to decide whether or not to proceed with the wedding after the bride’s sons admitted to tampering with the boat to try and halt the ceremony.

Once they had decided, Kat informed the waiting guests: “Consider yourselves invited! We’ve talked it through and set another date with the vicar.

“Next time, there won’t be any surprises”

Sharon’s attempts to steal the groom angered many fans, but many were astounded by the actress’s weight loss.

Viewers commented on Letitia’s appearance on Twitter while she appeared slimmer than ever.

“Sharon is looking SKINNY MINI,” said Phil Ford. (sic)

“Sharon is right now absolutely gorgeous. She looks so thin, I’d be surprised if she weighed four stone,” said Shrilpuzz.

Pradatemi, another Twitter user, added: “Sharon looks so good in #EastEnders.”

Letitia revealed she had been the target of online trolls in 2020. The soap star has previously spoken about her weight.

She said the following on the Eastenders spinoff program Secrets from the Square: “Numerous deplorable things were said about me.

The other actors complain that they can’t fit on the same set with her because she is too fat.”

The actress has been a part of the program for many seasons; she played Sharon for the first time when she was just 17 years old.

She was originally engaged to his brother Grant (Ross Kemp), but ended up having an affair with Phil, so their relationship hasn’t always been the easiest.


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