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Lorraine Stanley loses 12 pounds in six weeks by eating more of one food

LORRAINE STANLEY lost an incredible 12lbs – nearly a stone – in six weeks by increasing one major food group that is known to aid in weight loss.

EastEnders actress Lorraine Stanley wowed viewers after losing a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, and the soap world is full of dramatic transformations. In just six weeks, the TV star lost an impressive 12 pounds.

But how did she manage it?
The actress, who has played Karen Taylor on the BBC soap since 2017, credited a nutritionist friend with helping her figure out what she was eating on a daily basis.

She lost weight by increasing one food group in her diet.

“I’ve lost 12 pounds in six weeks,” the star told Carol Vorderman on ITV’s Lorraine.

“My friend Louisa is my fitness guru; I owe it to her because she talks about nutrition.”

Lorraine revealed that she consumes a lot of protein to help her lose weight.

Protein-rich diets can help people feel full and reduce cravings and snacking.

“I’ve eaten a lot of boiled eggs, fish, and chicken,” she explained, referring to foods that are all high-protein staples.

Lorraine went on to say that she avoided treats like chips and chocolate.

She also cut back on carbs, which are notorious for causing weight gain.

“No carbs, no crisps, and no chocolate,” she added.

People can significantly reduce their hunger hormones and increase several satiety hormones by replacing carbs and fat with protein.

This allows a person to eat fewer calories than they would normally, promoting weight loss more effectively.

Despite the fact that the journey was difficult, the actress admitted, “I’m enjoying it and I feel better for it.”

In general, an average male requires 56-91 grams of protein per day, whereas an average female requires 46-75 grams.

The amount of protein a person needs to consume each day is determined by their age, as aging results in a loss of muscle mass.

The current recommendations are 0.8 grams for every kilogram of body weight.

Over-65s should consume approximately 1-1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight.

If people want to increase their protein consumption, the following foods are high in protein:

Beef, lamb, veal, pork, and kangaroo are examples of lean meats.

Poultry consists of chicken, turkey, duck, emu, goose, and bush birds.


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