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Older Domains Rank Better

Do old domains do better than the newer ones?

Older Domains Rank Better
Older Domains Rank Better

Domain age is a visible aspect of websites, which is why it could be considered a component of your overall SEO. But it’s not something that you can change. It’s impossible to “upgrade” to an older domain.

Google isn’t a fan of giving any person an unfair advantage in the world of SEO. According to their view is that you must have an equal chance of success, meaning that anyone can have an opportunity to rank. How often do new sites appeared onto the scene, and it’s only few weeks or months until they’re famous around the globe? How long did it take for BuzzFeed for instance to rise from obscurity into a cult following? – Older Domains Rank Better

They shouldn’t be able to give the age of the domain an enormous amount of importance as older websites are always ahead. Two equally great sites that are older in domain, will end up ranking exactly the same way because of this one thing. – Older Domains Rank Better

Google did actually, file a patent for the use of the historical data from results of searches, from 2005. Google has been able to utilize this technology ever since. It’s a matter of are domains that were older more useful? – Older Domains Rank Better

Common Wisdom

The “common common sense” variant of the tale suggests that yes an old domain is more likely be more valuable than a brand-new domain. This is why there are many articles such as this one on how to analyze an expired domain and determine its worth to your own advantage. – Older Domains Rank Better

Naturally, the majority of these posts guide you to one specific usage for blogs and that is to create an Private Blog Network. Google does not like PBNs and has a track record of devaluing them and websites that utilize their services. Alternative uses include things like purchasing the domain and then using an 301 redirect to redirect any links or traffic to your website. – Older Domains Rank Better

This is only valid only if the older domain fulfills two conditions. The first one is that the older domain has to have hosted a website that, wasn’t in a way, didn’t stink. If the old site was a disaster, it likely wasn’t able to accumulate much, if any worth. The links it did have won’t be worth much. – Older Domains Rank Better

Additionally, the older domain should be expired in the last few years. The longer a domain has been in a state of inactivity, such as a parked site or a simple 404 more likely it will have kept any value. If you purchase the domain which has been inactive since 2001, the domain could be fresh from the factory.

How Google determines Domain Age

Let me ask you a question; what determines the time span of an internet website? You can plug any domain you wish into something similar to an Wayback Machine. I’ve had domains I believed had nothing to do with their websites that later ended up having two distinct websites – non-spam sites and non-spam websites in the 90s. The fact that the domain name was registered in 1992 provide the possibility of a new site on the domain any added worth? It’s not, really. – Older Domains Rank Better

You can search for the WhoIs details for a domain. However, there are many issues when doing this. The information could be concealed or incorrect. If someone fails to renew their domain over a period of a week, or month, then re-registers the domain then, the date could be displayed as the new date for registration even though the website is identical. This means that you’ve got different data across different registrars as well as various countries, making it difficult to make use of as an authoritative source. – Older Domains Rank Better

However, Google actually goes by two factors such as when was the very first time they had a record of indexing the domain and also, when was the first time they discovered links to that domain? In most cases, they will be the same day and for those who do not be aware of the need to file a sitemap on the first time, Google can only find it through the link to it. This is the reason getting a new site listed on Google can be a lengthy process. – Older Domains Rank Better

How significant can Domain Age be? Domain Age?

Age of the domain as mentioned in the previous paragraph, isn’t a good idea to use as a ranking factor since it’s an advantage that newer, smaller websites won’t be able outdo. It’s like having the staggered start lines of the course of straight races. The runners who start later will have to run longer. – Older Domains Rank Better

If you’re not convinced by my reasoning, you can visit Matt Cutts, the “face of Google”, Matt Cutts. In an older clip, he addresses exactly the problem. The thing he states is it’s the only difference that exists between a website that’s only six months old as opposed to a site that’s one year old is minuscule.

In the end, if I made a site in secret and didn’t connect to it for the full year, then why should this site have more value than a copied and pasted copy of the site hosted today? Other than copying content issues, obviously do not take them into consideration to focus on this thinking test. – Older Domains Rank Better

Domain age is only relevant for the initial two or three months after a site has been operating. Imagine it as the power indicator or bar. the charge is charged starting at zero when you sign up for the domain, but until 100 after you’ve established the website for a couple of months. The charge is maintained at 100 as long you’re keeping your site updated by providing it with new content and expanding it. If you stop the site and then let it go in the span of several months, or even a year and a half it’s likely that the “charge” will run out. It’s the reason you shouldn’t start over with an old website. you have to do some work to revive it. – Older Domains Rank Better

Of of course, you don’t need to believe Matt Cutts or the word of Google in any way If you don’t wish to. The people of Dagmar Marketing argue that domain age is a ranking factor specifically, because instead of declaring that it isn’t, Matt says “I wouldn’t be concerned about it.” – Older Domains Rank Better

Here’s my opinion. For me the age of your domain is an element however, it’s minimal that it doesn’t matter after your site is online for a couple of months. The amount of effort you must put into it is to get your domain registered at the time you’ve got some idea about what it ought to be, and then create something like an “under development” or “coming soon” page. This page can be kept current by the time you start a blog, if you have more sophisticated features to keep track of such as a storefront or a custom-designed design. There’s no reason to be ashamed of starting an unassuming blog and later building it into a larger website later. – Older Domains Rank Better

Domain age is among the factors that, if they count in any way, is such a small amount that you won’t be able discern the difference unless you were in a certain scenario. If you had two identical websites, one with an old domain that was only a month old and the other with a domain that’s been around for a year most likely the one with a year-old domain would be higher. – Older Domains Rank Better

Perhaps it won’t! Freshness of content has huge impact. If a domain is one year old, but the website has just one month of content and another site is month old and has more fresh information, the more recent website will rank higher. It’s not enough to surpass other factors. – Older Domains Rank Better

A Small Bit of Minor History

There was a period during the 2000s when the age of a domain was a bit more. This is probably the reason Google has filed for patents and the reason why domain age is important in the initial three or two months of a website’s period. It’s because of something called Domain Tasting.

If you attend the wine tasting or similar event, you’re going to experience the tasting from different wines, to choose one that you like and purchase a bottle to take home. Taste of Domain can be described as similar. – Older Domains Rank Better

Because of something known as the Add Grace Period, or AGP in the event that a customer bought a domain, but later decided to not use in the initial week of purchase, they can return it for the full amount. Webmasters could take advantage of this to create list of hundreds possible domains. They’d create a basic template site , and include a vast list of details they wanted. They’d “buy” the domain, set the website up and conduct a lot of research to determine what the potential value of the website would be for that particular domain. They’d estimate the fundamental search engine value as well as examine any residual value derived from a domain that has expired as well as other factors. – Older Domains Rank Better

After the AGP was over the team would take the decision. If the site was worthy of running , they would continue to use it and construct an online site around it. If not then they’d return the domain to get an exchange, after having invested only time trying to figure out an alternative base. – Older Domains Rank Better

Two factors conspired to solve the issue. One of them was Google which filed the patent in 2005. The patent increased the importance of domain age during the initial months and weeks of ownership. Domain tasters wouldn’t be in a position to obtain any information on search rankings since their site was still relatively new. Another reason was ICANN introduction of transactions fees and other restrictions to make the process of refunding domains less appealing. It’s still done however, it’s becoming less practical and more costly nowadays. – Older Domains Rank Better

There are many reasons to search for an Older Domain

There are, in spite of this, several good reasons you should consider locating an older domain instead of just creating a brand new domain by starting from the ground up. – Older Domains Rank Better

older domains are likely to be more readable for humans. To an extent there’s a username issue there. If you tried to connect to a website such as AIM or Twitter nowadays there’s a good chance that a large portion of your most popular usernames are already taken. Every word and letters, as well as most of the usernames with a 2 or xx prior to and after them have already been used. It’s not a good idea to be WeedLord422 on Twitter; it’s embarrassing.

Today, a large number of domains have been used, even if they’re not worth the money to the domains. You don’t have to purchase domains, and you must look beyond the claims to discover something you could use to promote your brand.

Older domains do not have to be compromising to TLDs. As a response to the issue of domains and user names it is possible to solve a name taken by selecting an alternative TLD. If you’re interested in something already registered with a .com or.org, you can register the same thing using an .net or .org or one of the newer TLDs such as .site.

A lot of people today consider that a .com website to represent “the internet” in its entirety. Try pushing an .net website and you’ll be amazed by the huge number of people trying to get to www.example.net.com. Since this doesn’t work it will inform you that your website is down. They will also ask in case they can find another method to reach you.

Of course, you’ll have the inherent value of the .com domain. Since so many people think it’s to be the standard, it is an even greater value and it’s always best to purchase one. If you discover an expired domain that you wish to acquire You can locate the .com significantly faster than if you’re trying create a brand new domain starting from beginning from scratch.

In addition, older domains could provide you with backlinks that can utilize. They may not be worth any money, but if you have a successful campaign for creating backlinks, they may blend into your profile, giving you more of a base, and help allow you to get off the ground in a bit quicker.

When it comes to the truth is that there’s no value to be made older domains by themselves. If you have to choose between older and older domain, but the latter has a better match to the brand URL, choose the latest one.


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