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Phil’s fury at Sam amid drugs bombshell in double EastEnders episode tonight

Tonight’s double episode of EastEnders returns to television, and, to put it simply, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is not pleased.

The BBC One soap’s schedules are all over the place because of the summer of sports.

If you’re watching the programmes from this week on BBC iPlayer, you already know what will happen in tonight’s shows; otherwise, let’s start the drama.

Ben (Max Bowden) ended up in the ICU this week after abusing too many narcotics.

Ben was thankfully discovered by Callum (Tony Clay) and Jay after being abandoned to perish by Suki (Balvinder Sopal) (Jamie Borthwick).

When Phil got back to Walford, Sharon (Letitia Dean) informed him that Sam (Kim Medcalf) was fully aware of the narcotics Ben had been using because Tez, Jonah’s (Mark Mooney) drug dealer, had been the source of the drugs.

This evening, a nervous As her brother starts to reject her phone calls, Sam starts to question how much he knows.

Sam meets up with Jonah and tells him that the drug peddling must cease, but her chances of getting away with it are quickly dashed when Phil confronts his sister and admits he is well aware of the drug dealing.

When a Mitchell family member has been wronged in the past, Phil has always done everything in his power to exact vengeance and make the offender pay.

This time, though, things are a little different because Phil’s sister also happens to be the target of his vengeance.

What will Phil do, though?

How far will he go next?

What does this indicate about Sam’s prospects in Walford?


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