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Police report, bad news and theft: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

When Bree (Juliet Godwin) reports Dean (Patrick O’Connor) for domestic abuse this week on Home and Away, she makes a decision that shocks the Bay. When Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is obliged to perform his duties and interrogate him, Remi asks Bree why she actually committed the crime. Bree quickly realises she’s made a big error.

In another scene, Justin (James Stewart) has registered for the golf benefit and is overjoyed to learn that Theo (Matt Evans) is a champion golfer. He quickly adds him to his team and departs before Theo can inform him that he is already playing for John (Shane Withington). What will Justin do when he learns the truth?

Here is the schedule for the week starting on Monday, February 6.

Following a report of domestic violence, Cash detains Dean.

Following her collapse in Salt, Bree is caring for Ziggy, but the nurse is not pleased with Dean’s overprotective and aggressive demeanour. She is still in pain from her own experience with Jacob, so when she hears Ziggy apologise to Dean and make a promise to do better, she becomes sceptical.

Bree starts to suspect anything is wrong when she sees bruises on Ziggy but dismisses them as work-related injuries. She decides to denounce Dean for domestic abuse and calls the police; what will happen to him?

Stacey hears from Xander that he must stop seeing her.
Xander has been making an effort to fit in with Stacey’s polyamorous lifestyle. He is upset when Stacey invites Nikau out for lunch after he turned her down for a date, nevertheless, just hours before. Stacey claims there was no flirtation, but he still can’t get over his envy. Later, Xander arranges a date to test the polyamorous way of life, but it doesn’t work out. After realising what must occur, he arranges to meet her for lunch. He informs them that he is unable to see her any longer there.

Bree ultimately discusses Jacob’s abuse with Cash.

When Remi gently informs Bree that she might be projecting her difficulties onto Dean and Ziggy, Bree realises that her own troubles might be clouding her judgement about them. She ultimately musters the resolve to confront Cash and spills the beans regarding Jacob. She worries that Cash won’t be able to do anything because there won’t be any evidence when she goes to the station to make her statement. Cash claims that an AVO will be issued against him, making it impossible for him to approach her without risking arrest. How will Jacob respond if the authorities discover him?

The rivalry between John and Justin intensifies
After being stirred up by John in the Diner, Justin has just registered for the golf tournament. Leah was supposed to be participating, but his partner only rolled her eyes at the rivalry between the men. When Justin searches for players, he promptly recruits Theo to the team after learning that he is a world-class golfer. Before Theo can inform him that he is already playing for John, he bolts off. Justin boasts about his nephew during the dinner until Irene and Marilyn inform him that Theo is already on a team. That evening, Justin is waiting for Theo at home, and he isn’t pleased.

The success of the golf tournament is a concern for Marilyn and Alf.
Since realising the golf event needs to be ready in just two weeks, Marilyn and Roo have their work cut out for them. Although the two have been looking for sponsors, their strongest incentives with just a week to go are a year of free coffee from the Diner and a $50 sponsorship from the neighbourhood bakery. Marilyn is unsure whether the occasion will go as planned despite Roo’s assurance that everything adds up.

Alf is also having second thoughts when Roo receives a call from a car salesman. Are they about to change their fortunes because they want to meet in person?

Tane finds out his whole family won’t be able to attend the wedding.
When Gemma and Chloe can’t visit for the wedding, Tane is disappointed. Since they have obligations in New Zealand, Nikau will be the only member of Tane’s family to attend. Tane claims that he feels cut off from his family since Felicity can detect that something is hurting him. The sensation is worse than ever because none of them can be there on his special day. As part of his best man responsibilities, Nikau notices Tane’s mood and decides to improve it. Tane realises how fortunate he is to have Nikau, Felicity, and everyone in the Bay after a few beers in Salt. When he gets home, Felicity and he begin to arrange their honeymoon, and she has an idea that might put an end to everything.

Gambling on Eden’s wedding dress goes tragically wrong.

After her most recent trip with Eden, Felicity, who has been reluctant to look for a wedding dress, has vowed never to step foot inside a bridal shop once more. Eden thinks outside the box and asks Tane to entice Felicity inside. Eden is ready for her when she comes with a rack of dresses; she is bringing the shop to the customer. When Nikau inquires about how she was allowed to leave a bridal shop with so much inventory, Eden responds that she had to pay a significant deposit and agree to be responsible for the items should something happen to them. Everything goes as planned, and Felicity chooses a dress. When Eden goes to her van the following morning to retrieve the others, she opens the back door and sees that they have been taken.

Remi takes a chance and shares a secret with Dean.

Bree is concerned about Ziggy and Dean’s opinions of her after realising that she reported Dean for abuse in the wrong way. It becomes evident that she can’t go through explaining her condition to someone else, so Remi advises that she just tell the truth about her personal circumstances. After spending the night in his car, Dean is in no condition to talk when Remi decides to go find him. Remi insists, however, and tells him Bree’s tale.

Later, Bree is anxious to meet Dean when he arrives to Remi’s house. He apologises to her and assures her that he would never harm Ziggy despite what her husband had done to her. Although Bree apologises, Dean reassures her not to worry. Bree queries Remi about telling Dean her secret after Dean departs. What will she do?


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