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Pregnant Sam Frost issues response to fan who sent her rude message

Have you ever questioned whether famous people genuinely read the social media messages you give them? Here is your response.

After receiving a crude Instagram comment from a follower, former Home and Away actor Sam Frost retaliated.

Someone commented to the pregnant actress on her social media post, stating, “You seem exhausted.”

Frost, who is having her first child with fiancé Jordie Hansen, wasn’t exactly ecstatic about the information being shared with her.

In her Instagram stories, she shared a photo of herself giving the thumbs up.

She included a nail polish emoji to her message and said, “People in my DMs make me feel amazing.”

“I’m grateful. I am.

“My body is currently performing some pretty extraordinary feats, and I’m also a superwoman.

So, yes, I do appear to be drained.

Frost, 33, is currently three months pregnant.

The television star has already responded to criticism posted on her social media.

She gave a direct reaction to someone who questioned her decision to preserve her last name after being married in August of last year.

I don’t plan on changing my surname, Frost had written with a photo of herself that she had shared with Hansen soon after he had proposed.

She said, “I told Jord that on our first date, to manage expectations.

“He said, “That’s fair enough, why should you alter your name?” without blinking.

“I appreciate that; it shows a beautiful devotion.

However, I’ve always had a bad feeling about it.

But she added, “Our future babies will be ‘Hansen’,” in her closing statement.

Later, she shared a message from a man named Mike that she had received.

The message read, “Hello Sam, regarding your story, my friend wants to know how you would explain to your future children why their mother has a different last name from them.”

She then published her response.

It will be fairly straightforward and easy, Mike, she said.

“I’ll explain to them that I didn’t want to (sic).

“But they won’t care because their mother will love them no matter what, ” she continued.

I appreciate your care, though.

I’m not in the mood, Mike, read the caption on the screenshot of the conversation.

After dating for six months, Frost and Hansen, a former Australian Survivor candidate, became engaged in July 2022.

They have been exploring Australia while recording Jordie and Sam’s Rural Roadtrip, a podcast that chronicles their travels.


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