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Sam Womack won’t rule out EastEnders return despite Ronnie Mitchell being dead

Samantha Womack, a former EastEnders actor, wouldn’t rule out the possibility of returning to the show as Ronnie Mitchell even though her character was killed off in 2017.

On her wedding day, Ronnie and her sister Roxy (Rita Simons) both drowned in a swimming pool after saying “I do” to Jack Branning (Scott Maslen).

Although she made a dramatic exit from the show five years ago, the 49-year-old actress wouldn’t object to a surprise appearance in Albert Square.

She said to hosts Brenda Edwards, Katie Piper, Nadia Sawalha, and Charlene White on Monday’s episode of Loose Women: “You get old enough you say never to anything don’t you.”

You can never have an opinion on anything because you will eventually be proven wrong.

She said, “She was a beautiful character, and there were great plots. It was an amazing period.” Early on, I believe I produced some of my best work, including the baby swap and my collaborations with Barbara Windsor and Larry Lamb.

Sam remembers his time on EastEnders with nostalgia. (Image from ITV)

Sam was having trouble conceiving of a way for Ronnie to get back to Walford when Charlene read out a common fan theory about Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) assisting Ronnie and Roxy in staging their demises.

She mused, “Maybe I could come back as a deadly twin.”

Sam has earlier called Ronnie and Roxy’s passing a “major blow.”

She said in an interview with OK! Magazine: “I understand they have to regenerate and constantly recast, but my point was that by entirely murdering off two characters who are ingrained in that community, you’re removing them from any future producer.”

On January 1, 2017, Ronnie and Roxy perished by drowning (Picture: BBC)

It is limited in scope. A period of mourning was observed. Rita Simons served as my fictitious sister (Roxy Mitchell) for nine years, so when I left home for my next job, both my real family and my fictitious family had vanished. My entire base and emotional steadiness had vanished. At some point, I would have wanted to return.

The Mitchell family, which included Peggy and the two Mitchell sisters, played a significant role in the culture of the show. It is regrettable to uproot the roots of such a devoted family. I loathe the thought that I can’t go back – unless I come back as some crazy Australian twin sister! The past year and a half has been so thrilling and somewhat like a rebirth.


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