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SOAP SURPRISE Neighbours legend Alan Fletcher posts first look from EastEnders’ Queen Vic after shock cameo – but it’s bad news

Dr. Karl Kennedy, a legendary neighbour, made an unexpected visit in EastEnders as a moving tribute to the cancelled series.

Alan Fletcher, an actor, was dissatisfied that he was not given a more significant role in the BBC soap opera.

Alan published a behind-the-scenes picture of himself at the iconic Queen Vic pub’s bar on Twitter.

He stated: “I made an application for a new position at my favourite local. (I didn’t get the job.) @bbceastenders #theVic”

Some recommendations from fans were made to retain Alan in Albert Square.

You could make a cameo as yourself, celebrating Neighbors in the UK but getting lost and ending up at the Vic, one person said.

One more wrote: “I’d love to see you take over as the next innkeeper, and I support Rebekah E in her role as Sharon’s Australian cousin. Guys, MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

Turn the Vic into a Walkabouts Aussie Bar, Dr. K., they love a good theme night in EastEnders, wrote the third.

The actor appeared with Kellie Bright and Shona McGarty in a special appearance he filmed for the BBC soap opera.

As the two women talk about the end of Neighbours, he enters the café and snaps a selfie with Kellie as Linda.

Another Neighbours actor, Ryan Moloney, has hinted that the show will continue, but with a twist.

The 42-year-old actor appeared prominently in the Australian soap opera’s farewell episode, which aired there on Thursday, and portrayed Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi for 27 years.

Ryan talked to Good Morning Britain about the show and how tonight’s final episode won’t necessarily be its last before it airs in the UK.

He stated: “This is a farewell tour for Neighbours, and I’m here to say goodbye!

Yes, there are 15 shows at the London Palladium, as well as three nights in Bath, Newcastle, and Belfast.

The event is scheduled for March of the following year and is billed as “the ultimate celebration of all things Ramsay Street.”

According to the official description: “Some of the show’s greatest and best stars will be flown over by our aircraft as we go from another continent.

“Fans of Neighbours will enjoy this opportunity to reflect on their favourite Erinsborough memories from the past 37 years.

“Join us as we take a look back at some of the old video, enjoy never-before-told tales from the cast as they are interviewed live on stage, plus surprises and a Q&A session at the conclusion.

“This will be the perfect farewell to one of Britain’s most beloved soap operas and the ultimate night for any Neighbours fan,” says the author.


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