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Sophie Dillman stuns Home and Away co-stars with her gorgeous transformation

The holiday season has seen quite a beauty makeover for Sophie Dillman of Home and Away, and we are loving the results.

The serial star debuted her new appearance on Instagram, having switched from her luminous blonde hair to a gorgeous bright red.

The actress captioned the image, “Fresh lox by the greatest @ellajeanhairandmakeup.”

Many admirers and friends gave their support to the Christmas makeover.

Sam Frost, a former co-star, expressed her support in the remarks, writing: “Yesss!!! I’m in love with this colour, Soph, it’s very chic.

Georgie Parker from Home and Away eagerly remarked, “That looks BEAUTIFUL.”

The transformation happened not long after Sophie openly discussed her struggle with endometriosis.

She told 7Life that she had “very painful periods and unpredictable periods throughout my entire teenage years.”

It was really irregular, but when I finally received them, they were very painful and hefty.

The Home and Away star has had three operations since being diagnosed, but she has said there is still “a lot of tissue they can’t remove.”

It’s painful, draining, and occasionally unpleasant, and it stinks. Therefore, it appears that I will continue to do it throughout my life.

Patrick O’Connor, Sophie’s co-star on Home and Away, is a popular actor. Whether they will come back the following year has not been confirmed.

Despite developing feelings for one another while working on the soap opera, the two had met before while attending college.

We were friends back then, but because we were in separate years, we didn’t really see one another. However, we later reconnected on the programme. In a convenient turn of events, our show characters connected, Sophie stated on The Morning Show.

It may go either way, but I think we’re both a little more at ease around each other at work, which definitely makes it easier, said Patrick.


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