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Spoilers for EastEnders: Honey and Billy reconcile as Billy makes a risky move?

Let’s be honest: Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) made a horrible choice when she decided to break up with Billy (Perry Fenwick) and start dating Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) in EastEnders.

After Jay’s father passed away, Honey and Billy took up the role of his parents. As a result, we were happy when recent episodes showed Honey and Jay agreeing that their relationship was over.

Honey follows Jay’s lead and goes on.

Honey meets Sonia at the salon after they decide to give each other some TLC and get their hair done.

Honey accepts Sonia’s challenge to say yes to everything during their time together.

Later, Eve (Heather Peace) encourages Billy to take Honey out for a drink after noticing an uneasy conversation between the two.

Billy works up the guts to approach Honey with the intention of proposing, but Mr. Lister arrives before!

Billy is devastated when Honey accepts her challenge and sticks to it.

Billy tells Sonia the following day that he wants to reconnect with Honey, and she advises him to make an approach.

However, newcomer Finlay (Ashley Byam) swoops in, pretending to be Honey’s lover, sensing Honey’s uneasiness with Billy.


What does Honey want is the fundamental issue at hand.

Will she reunite with Billy again?

Really, we hope so.


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