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Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

Why it’s Important to Know Your Customers” Sales Funnel Stages

Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages
Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

When developing your content strategy, it’s essential to take your time to come up with a viable strategy. The first two steps in formulating a content strategy is identifying the buyer’s persona and then defining the content to meet the requirements of the buyers and their buying journey. – Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

It is essential to know your target audience to go about creating Buyer personas. It is essential to know their needs, pain points, requirements and buying habits. This gives you guidance and an understanding of the buyer’s actions. Once you know this, you can develop content that is useful and relevant to your prospect. It is not worth starting to create content if you don’t be aware of who you wish to connect with, isn’t it? – Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

What is your customer’s purchasing Journey?

The buyer’s journey of the customer or buyer’s journey is a concept that defines the steps a customer must go through before making a decision to purchase a product or service. This model is based on the needs of the customer at each step which is which keywords are relevant to at each step. This makes it simpler for the marketing and sales team to make decisions because it provides them with important information regarding each stage of the purchase. This makes it simpler to satisfy the requirements of the buyer with precision. – Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

The Customer’s Journey to Purchase is comprised of 4 stages:

  • awareness: The user is unaware of a problem or have a need that demands the solution you’re providing.
  • Recognition This consumer done a bit more research and has identified the problem and is looking for solutions similar to yours.
  • Take into consideration: The consumer has looked into various options and is now defining their choices.
  • Choice: The consumer is considering the options they’ve looked at and is now ready to make a choice. – Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

Here’s How Every Stage in the buyer’s journey Work

1. Awareness

At this time it is not clear if the customer has yet expressed an interest in any particular subject. Thus, the goal is to entice them by making them realize that they are suffering and need that needs to be addressed. – Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

For instance: let’s say your firm offers business management software. Michelle is a co-owner who runs a small women’s products company. She is looking to organize the flow of cash, therefore she searches the internet for tips on how to do this. Your blog should have topics like “x strategies for organizing the flow of cash” to grab Michelle’s attention.

2. Recognition of the Issue

At this point consumers are aware they are facing a problem, therefore, he’ll begin to look for solutions to fix the issue. – Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

Let’s continue the story that follows Michelle and her business for women’s products:Michelle has noticed that she is struggling to manage cash flow and is looking for an answer to that. While searching for help on the internet, she comes across your blog that has the title “How to manage your company’s receivables”. You could also provide different types or content which are educational and easily consumable, like the webcast on managing cash flow or a printable template to aid Michelle in this endeavor.

3. Examining the Solution

In this phase you must create the impression of urgency among the customer, in order that he doesn’t put off the issue to be solved later, but instead immediately seek the solution. – Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

Examples: Michelle realizes that managing cash flow by hand is not only time-consuming, but also laborious, is susceptible to human errors. This means she’s wasting time and lose focus on other things that require her attention. Therefore, it’s time to showcase how easy it is to implement solutions. A good source of information in this case is a comprehensive journal or an eBook about “Cash flows management tools for small companies”. – Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

4. Purchase Choice

In this step you must demonstrate the unique features of your product that make it stand out from your competition. This is the way to convince the customer that you’re the best choice for them.

An example: Michelle is interested in a solution that is software-based and will conduct further research on it. The best content you can provide to you (as the solution provider) to publish is to compare your solution to your competition. This will help Michelle learn more about the software and why it’s a great choice. Additionally, you could provide a trial period for free for her to make an informed decision. – Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

What is the importance of Customer’s Buying Journey to your Strategies for Content?

Understanding the buying journey of your customers is essential to identify the best strategy for content to convey your unique value offering. You can determine the type of content that must be developed at each step to draw the attention of your prospective customers. By using the appropriate content, you will be able to guide your customer along the buyer’s journey until you convince them to purchase the product you offer over the one your competition is providing. – Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

If you are aware of the persona you are aiming for such as Michelle for instance and what their requirements include, then you are able to create any type of content that are thought to be valuable and useful. By focusing on high-quality content for the right persona, the potential buyer (Michelle) is taken through the buyer’s journey , with your assistance at each step of the way.

If you prepare your content in conjunction with the buyer’s journey of your defined personas you will prevent unnecessary costs for content you don’t intend to use the process automations and marketing workflows become more fluid and logical, and you can tailor your interactions with your potential customers every step of the process. – Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

How Do I understand my customers’ purchase Journey

It is important to identify who your character types are. In our example, we identified Michelle. It is crucial to develop the persona profile as well as their basic needs. In the case of our character managing cash flows is our primary requirement. To ensure that your persona represents an accurate representation of your prospective customers, conduct interviews with your current customers and your database to verify your strategy for content. It is essential to determine the methods your prospects use to collect data regarding their buying habits and the way they make decisions about the brands and products that they buy. – Understand Customers Sales Funnel Stages

To fully comprehend the Persona Profile, your interview must Include the Following Information:

  • Daily obligations
  • Hobbies
  • Values and goals for life
  • The place of origin
  • Residence of the place
  • Age
  • Genre
  • Formation
  • Profession
  • Information that is difficult to get
  • Participation in the buying process
  • A role in the buying process
  • Obstacles and impediments
  • Positive and negative elements of the work they do

To comprehend the buying Journey, You Need to Answer the following questions about the persona:

  • First impression: What do they want on the market?
  • Discovery: How did they come up with the solution?
  • Discovery: What problems or issues were faced prior to?
  • Inquiry: Why were they interested in the solution?
  • Interest: What do they know about their situation and possibilities for solutions?
  • Interest: What are the most important doubts regarding the solution?
  • Alternatives: What alternatives were considered to resolve the problem?
  • Alternatives: Which comparison criteria will solve the problem?
  • Think about: What doubts do the purchaser have prior to buying?
  • Think about what makes your proposition more appealing to the target market?
  • What information sources do they rely on every day?


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