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What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

YouTube SEO: What to Do To Be found by 2 billion monthly Users

What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters
What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

YouTube is the second-most viewed social media platform around the globe. In July 2020, there were 2 billion active monthly viewers who were on YouTube. In terms of videos, 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute to YouTube. – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

This alone is enough to demonstrate how difficult it can be to rank in YouTube searches. With the correct Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method you can improve your chances of ranking for the terms you are concerned about. – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

Let’s look at the best methods to implement Search Engine Optimization for YouTube channels:

1. Find Keywords that are Highly Relevant

Keyword analysis is an important aspect of YouTube SEO. It can help ensure your channel’s rank on most relevant search terms. – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

Here are some suggestions to come up with a list key words for your channel

YouTube suggestion

Utilize YouTube Suggest to identify keywords that your viewers actually use to search for. Simply type a broad phrase into the search bar and you’ll be presented with the list of similar queries. For instance, I typed ” search engine optimization” and YouTube offered a variety of options, including ” search engine optimization tutorial,” ” search engine optimization course,” etc. – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

Next step to transform your search query to”wildcard “wildcard” through the addition of an”asterisk (*) before the seed keyword. The search term is transformed to the form of a “postfix.” For instance I entered ” *” prior to the term I had previously searched and the suggestions were changed. The new suggested keywords included ” how to do search engine optimization,” ” master search engine optimization,” etc. – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

Make use of as a Tool

YouTube Keyword research tools will help you discover the top performing keywords. TubeBuddy is one of these tools that helps creators find relevant keywords. – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

TubeBuddy offers the Google Chrome Extension which helps you search for and analyze keywords using YouTube. After installing the extension, you’ll be able to see it’s ” search explorer” overlay which displays the typical monthly search volume, competition levels associated searches, and the popular tags on the right of the page with results. – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

“Poor” in the keyword score indicates that you are not doing well ” poor” in the keyword score means that it’s not a good idea to focus on the term ” search engine optimization” since it’s very difficult to achieve a high ranking for. It is recommended to look for keywords that are in”the ” average” and ” good” category.

2. Make use of the power of copywriting in order in order to Craft Compelling, SEO-Friendly Content

Copywriting will ensure that your content is convincing and SEO-friendly. You must master the art of copywriting in order to boost the SEO for your videos on YouTube. Copywriters for social media are referred to as’modern madmen’. A well-written copywriting style makes your viewers feel connected to the video, which can increase engagement, and ultimately improve its position in search results. – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

Three important areas you can use copywriting in order to boost your YouTube rank on YouTube:

  • The process of creating an online video script. Like we said it is important to add closed captions to your videos. This is because YouTube is able to crawl. A good copywriting style helps you write a an article with a structure that’s optimized for SEO to improve your chance of being ranked.
  • Write video descriptions that give more context for your viewers as well as YouTube.
  • Designing captivating titles that entice viewers to click. – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

3. Learn to recognize the intent of search and create Videos based on it.

Search intent is the reason behind searching for something specific on YouTube. By knowing the intent behind search it will help you be able to better satisfy your viewers as well as increase the amount of time they spend watching (a important YouTube SEO element). – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

Here’s how to discern the search intent:

Input your desired keyword and review the top results. For instance, I typed ” stock market analysis” and this is the results YouTube provided me with. Top three search results are based on the phrase ” how to.” It suggests that people are looking for a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up an enterprise.

If you type in ” best online business,” you’ll notice the majority of the most popular results are listicle-style videos. – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

Based on the topic your channel’s focus is You can search for various keywords and then analyze the results that are most relevant. Note down the titles of the videos that are at the topof the list, so you can refer back to it when deciding what type of content you want to make for the keywords you’ve identified. – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

4. Make sure to check out the “Up Next” Section.

In terms of finding and creating the appropriate kind of material for your channels The ” up next” section can be an opportunity to make money. – What Is Seo And Why It Really Matters

Find your seed keyword on YouTube and click on the first result and then look through the suggested videos in the right-hand side.

If YouTube recommends the video, it’s due to one of the following two causes:

  • The same audience is enthralled by the video.
  • Many people are looking for this

Whatever the reason, someone looking for the latest video is more likely to see the recommended video.

After analyzing these videos, you’ll get an understanding of what kind of content YouTube is looking for. I suggest you watch those videos too. The next video will provide you with a collection of ” up next” videos.

In this case I selected one of the suggested video clips (shown in the above photo). Here’s a brand new set of recommendations from YouTube.

Repeat the process several times and you’ll be left with a some ideas on how to make watchable content.

5. We consistently produce high-quality content

YouTube is awash with video creators. To rank at the top you must be different from the rest. If your video content isn’t good regardless of how hard you work on YouTube SEO, you’ll never see positive outcomes (at least , not in the long-term).

But, there’s no definitive criteria that defines ” good content.” It’s based on the type of content your audience is looking for and what’s ranked at the top for your desired keywords. Check out the top 10 videos and look for these factors:

  • What are the aspects they cover?
  • What was their mistake?
  • How long is the video?
  • What is their method of explaining the video?
  • Are they using any examples?

Create a plan to make a more effective video than the ones that rank at the top. This should be a regular procedure. Rememberthat the primary goal is to build an audience base that is subscribed to and develop long-term relationships with your viewers. Therefore, you must post high-quality content on an timetable.

6. Optimize Each Video You Upload

If you optimize each video is uploaded to YouTube, you improve chances of having it appear in the top positions results for search terms that are relevant to it. There are seven fundamental aspects to optimizing videos:

  • Title
  • Thumbnail
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Closed captions
  • Cards
  • End screens

Let’s examine the ways to optimize your video for each one of the following:

Title Title

The title of your video will directly impact how much clicks through (CTR). If you do not put more effort in your title then the rest of the content you’ve put into it could go without a purpose.

Your video’s title should read:

  • Clear
  • Simple (to an extent)
  • Find out the problems of your audience and provide solutions

Include your primary keyword into your name naturally.


A appealing thumbnail will convince viewers to click on your videos. Your thumbnail should be in line with the title of your video. As an example here are two options for the search term “healthy healthy food.” The thumbnail for the first video shows exactly the same things as the title suggests. However, the second video includes photos of healthy food items. Create thumbnails similar to the first one as it outlines what viewers will see in the video.


The description will help YouTube to understand the significance the video is in. The more YouTube can understand it, the better you will be placed.

Four things can enhance the effectiveness of your writing:

  • Include key words that you want to focus on (that you didn’t include on the cover) within the initial 25 words.
  • Write a concise description of no less than 250 words.
  • Make sure your keyword is mentioned three to four times. Also, be sure to include keywords that are latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords.
  • Links to other videos on your channel, however don’t include any more than 7 links.


Tags are a different way to add more background to your video and improve its chances of getting higher rankings in results of searches. YouTube suggests making use of words that describe the best of the video.

Closed Captions

Also called closed captions or video transcripts, these aid viewers in understanding the content. Your viewers may be from anywhere in the world and your language may not be their first language. In addition, YouTube can crawl your closed captions. This means that you’ll probably get an increase by activating it.


YouTube Cards can help boost the number of people who view your video. It is possible to encourage viewers to take one of the following five actions:

  • Check out a different video
  • Go to a different YouTube channel
  • Donate to a non-profit organisation
  • Answer a survey
  • Click an external link

Cards are shown within The ” i” section located at the top left in the movie.

End Screens Final Screens

Similar to cards, these end screens are designed to get users to stay on YouTube. It is possible to add links to videos you think viewers should be watching in the near future. This can increase the amount of amount of time they spend and will increase number of people who visit your YouTube channel. Below is an image of how the end screens appear.

Check to ensure that any videos you suggest will be closely connected to the topic you are currently discussing.

The Final Words

The process of getting your YouTube channel to the first page of search results isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Utilizing the techniques discussed in this article, you will be able to beat your competition. But, it’s important to consistently publish quality content. Keep in mind that optimizing your YouTube is an ongoing process.

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