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Where to watch the Neighbours reboot!

Neighbours is back after saying goodbye to Ramsay Street for good just a few months ago!
The adored television series ran for more than three decades and not only had a large following in Australia but also in the UK.
Nevertheless, after 37 years, the popular weeknight drama was cancelled.
You ask why?

Due to its distinctive distribution strategy, the programme heavily relied on UK broadcaster Channel 5, who acquired the show’s rights from the BBC in 2008 for an estimated $300 million pounds.
To keep Neighbours financially viable after Channel 5 decided not to renew its contract to air the programme in an effort to redirect funding to its main lineup, another UK broadcaster was required.
But alas, there were none, and after an astounding 9,000 episodes, viewers bid their favourite Neighbours farewell.

After six months and a farewell special, Amazon FreeVee and Prime Video have acquired the international rights to Neighbours, while Network 10 will continue to hold the first-run broadcast rights in Australia.
Beverley McGravey, Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer at Paramount Australia and New Zealand, revealed the cast and crew held out hope the show would come back.
“We are overjoyed to welcome Neighbours back to Network 10 and, while we loved the finale earlier this year and appreciated the tremendous support from the cast, crew, and fans, we continued to hold a small glimmer of hope that one day it would be possible to resume the series.”
The production from this wonderful series will start next year, according to Greg Woods, CEO of Fremantle Australia. ‘Neighbours has been so important for the Victorian production community, and along with our partners, will provide new opportunities on both sides of the camera.’ We are eager to get going.
While this information is undoubtedly exciting, it appears that the cast of the show learned of the good news before the general public.

Neighbours will be broadcast weeknights at 6:30 pm on 10 Peach for Australian viewers and on the streaming service 10Play, if the previous airtime is any indication.
We anticipate airing new episodes in the second half of 2023.


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