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Whoopi Goldberg is a EastEnders mega fan and was gutted when soap stopped airing in the US

She is a huge admirer of the soap opera, which we didn’t know!

Whoopi was devastated when the show’s American airing was cut short (Image: Getty Images)

A wide range of viewers, including the wealthy and famous, are known to watch EastEnders. Who would have thought, though, that it would also feature American icon Whoopi Goldberg? Although it seems difficult to believe, The Sister Act actress previously said that she shares our passion for the popular soap opera and can’t get enough of the drama that unfolds in Albert Square.

But when the well-known soap opera ceased airing in the US, she was crushed. Before the network made the decision to cancel the show and remove it from their schedule, EastEnders used to be carried on the cable channel BBC America. The actress, 66, spoke candidly about missing the programme and expressed her immense “sadness” that it is no longer airing.

During a recent engagement at the Edinburgh TV Festival, the Ghost actor declared, “I love EastEnders.” “BBC America first began airing that here in the States, and I became extremely engrossed in it before it vanished.” By including: “Who is Peggy? Where is the lady smoking that cigarette? That they stopped showing it here made me sad.”

Peggy Mitchell is adored by Whoopi. (Photo: BBC)

When they had to say goodbye to EastEnders in 2003, US viewers were not delighted. However, for a brief period of time, it was shown on PBS, but it lagged well behind BBC America in terms of content. Despite this, fans of the soap opera have persisted in expressing their affection for it across the Atlantic.

Fans and Whoopi paid tribute to the star after the passing of Dame Barbara Windsor, who portrayed Peggy Mitchell from 1994 to 2016. I loved EastEnders and her in it, the beloved actress stated in a moving social media post.

With her solo performance Spook Show, Whoopi launched her stage career in 1983. She won a Golden Globe for her leading performance in Steven Spielberg’s 1985 historical drama The Color Purple. She is best recognised for her appearances in the classic movies Ghost and Sister Act.


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