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Why is Nathan Graham leaving Coronation Street as James Bailey?

This week, the character is supposed to leave the cobbles.

This week, James Bailey, a former professional footballer, will bid the cobbles of Coronation Street farewell as he heads to London to start a new career as a coach.

After three years on the ITV soap opera, actor Nathan Graham has recently confirmed that he has left his role. Thanks to his uncle Ronnie (Vinta Morgan), James’ alter ego learns of a job opportunity. James is thrilled to learn that the location is close to where his boyfriend Danny Tomlinson (Dylan Brady) lives.

James will soon say goodbye to his family, friends, and neighbors as he embarks on a new life. It’s a touching conclusion to a chapter in which James dealt with homophobia while disclosing his sexual orientation as racism when his brother Michael (Ryan Russell) and he were detained without cause.

But why exactly is Graham, the show’s star, leaving? Read on to learn everything you need to know as he discusses his departure for the first time.

Why is Nathan Graham leaving Coronation Street?

Graham admitted that he is only saying goodbye to James because it feels like the right time. He said, “I am the kind of person who lives in the moment and follows what feels right.

“It was extremely difficult and challenging for me to decide to leave, obviously for a variety of reasons. It is frightening and risky to leave a place of security and not know what will happen next. However, it also felt right and was the right choice.

“Iain MacLeod and I had a good conversation, and he respected my choice. Some of my great storylines left me wondering where the character might go next, so I decided it was time to move on

For me, try something new.

“I’m currently only thinking about myself, so now is the perfect time to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Making that leap is more difficult once you have responsibilities and a family to consider.”

The actor added that the parallel between his own decision to move on and James’ in his final scenes felt rather symbolic.

There were many parallels between James’ departure and mine; both of us are happy about our futures but sad to be leaving.

James’ family is saddened by his departure, but they are happy for him because this is a new chapter for him. Trevor, Lorna, Ryan, Vinta, and Channique felt the same way, so it seemed very real.

Graham is content, though, that James has left the door open to come back at some point. He pointed out that they could have killed him by causing him to have a heart attack.

“I was fully aware that once you make the decision to leave, it is no longer in your control and they are free to make the character leave however they see fit. 

Therefore, I was happy to learn that James had a happy ending, and it’s nice to know that I might return in the future to visit the family.”

Asked what he would do next, Graham responded: “I’m just going to roll with the punches and take things as they come. 

Even though it may sound cliche, I truly believe that if you work hard enough, your efforts will eventually pay off.

“I have no expectations of anyone and don’t anticipate being hired the moment I arrive. I am aware that the process can be challenging. It’s just knowing that it’s a journey, in my opinion. It takes time. I firmly believe that what is meant for you won’t let it slip by. I’ll keep the gas pedal depressed and wait to see what happens. The exciting aspect of this career is that you enter it with the intention of playing various characters.”

Tonight, October 3, at 8 p.m., viewers will see James depart Weatherfield for a new chapter.


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