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ACTING HUNGRY EastEnders star Lorraine Stanley reunites with on-screen son for pub lunch

For a lunchtime pub gathering, EastEnders actress Lorraine Stanley reunited with her on-screen son.

The 46-year-old actress posted a cute photo of herself and her on-screen son Danny Walters, who portrayed Keanu Taylor in the BBC soap opera, on social media.

Lorraine posed for the selfie wearing sunglasses and a floral dress and had a wide grin plastered across her face.

Danny posed with Lorraine wearing a cap and an open shirt with a white top underneath.

Keanu’s storyline was just getting started two years ago when he had to flee for his safety and was never heard from again.

After learning about his involvement with Phil’s wife Sharon, Lorraine’s character, Karen Taylor, was convinced that Phil had murdered him when he disappeared on Christmas Day.

Martin was accused of lying to the frightened, ill mother on the Mitchells’ behalf so that she would stop calling the police and believe that her son was well.

In an effort to calm Karen down, good-natured Martin eventually gave in and called Keanu to set up a meeting.

He planned a meeting at the airport, and when Karen saw her kid was still alive, she broke down in tears.

Keanu, who had obtained a phoney passport and was planning to flee the country to avoid being detected, thanked the former market vendor for helping him out and told his mother that Martin was risking his life by letting him go.

An insider told The Sun at the time that Keanu “should know that secrets never remain secret in Walford and he’s been playing with fire for months” when Danny departed and left the popular serial after three years on it.

The employers promise that the truth will surface in spectacular fashion and that Keanu’s departure will be explosive.


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