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BBC EastEnders fans praise Ben Mitchell actor Max Bowden for playing character ‘so well’ – but some want ‘old Ben back’

Some fans are tired of the storyline, while others just want “old Ben” to return.

Ben Mitchell actor Max Bowden is receiving praise from EastEnders viewers for his portrayal of the tormented character. Ben’s fictional life is in disarray as he copes with the fallout after being raped.

He recently accidentally punched his mother Kathy Beale, and as his downward spiral deepens, he has turned to narcotics. On the Digital Spy forum, viewers discussed the EastEnders character.

As the topic of his problems came up, someone said, “I think Ben dislikes others worrying about him and reminding him he isn’t himself: he knows that. Another person echoed this sentiment and said, “God Ben is being awful to everyone,” adding, “Max is playing the part so well, always thought he was a wonderful actor, even though his character is an obnoxious, self-centred sh*t.”

A number of people soon joined in to shout Max’s praises. His performance was called once “I know people come and go from EastEnders, but Max Bowden needs to be the permanent, one and only last Ben Mitchell, as another person said: “Wonderful. Without giving anything away to my fellow fans, the man has been amazing.”

Many more supporters concurred with one Tweeting “Max Bowden is a fantastic actor, and his portrayal of Ben is on another level, according to one reviewer, even though I don’t particularly like Ben as a character. His body language and facial gestures convey the message. Few actors are able to pull that off.”

One admirer enthused, “Max Bowden is a fantastic performer and the best Ben we have had.” “Max Bowden continues to shine bright on EastEnders,” another person remarked.

The ‘Best Bad Boy’ award at the Inside Soap Awards was given to Max, who has been playing Ben since 2019, for his outstanding performance. Max made appearances on numerous shows before joining Walford, including Waterloo Road, Casualty, Doctors, and more.

Ben has been portrayed by five actors before him, thus he is not the first. From 1996 to 1998, Matthew Silver played him as an infant, and from 1999 to 2001, Morgan Whittle played him as a toddler.

From 2006 through 2010, Charlie Jones took over the reins following a five-year hiatus. Then Joshua Pascoe appeared, who was active from 2010 to 2012.

Ben eventually departed Walford in 2012 after Joshua left. Harry Reid played him till 2018 when he made a comeback to the programme in 2014. Then, Ben was reintroduced; Max has been Ben’s actor since 2019.


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