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Former EastEnders star Martine McCutcheon shows off new look as she gushes over ‘youthful’ makeover

The celebrity looks fantastic.

Martine McCutcheon, a former EastEnders actor, debuted her “youthful” new appearance on Instagram on Thursday (July 7).

The actress, 46, posted on Instagram Stories after visiting a hairdresser to get her eyebrows plucked.

The stunning actress admitted she enjoys having her brows done because it gives her a more “effortless” appearance.

Martine proudly displayed a no-makeup selfie while gushing about how well-done selfies made her feel more “youthful.”

Instagram account of Martine McCutcheon
The star exclaimed, “It’s amazing what a difference excellent brows can make!

They simply give you that youthful, carefree appearance with no makeup. The best is my lady!

Martine frequently posts updates about her life to Instagram along with advice on how she manages to seem so young for her age.

She recently disclosed a tendency that had caused her to receive unfavourable attention whenever she picked up and dropped off her son at school.

In a May interview with The Sun, Martine admitted that she had forced herself to quit the behaviour that provided her a slight buzz all day.

Fortunately, the TV personality was only discussing Diet Coke.

I don’t typically drink tea or coffee, so the caffeine was my thing, according to Martine.

I would wake up and walk my seven-year-old into the playground while holding a can of Diet Coke, and the mothers would look at me with contempt, she continued.

“I was drinking it then and even right before I went to sleep. I always had a can of soda close by because I enjoyed the tiny rush it gave me.

In a different incident, this week after dropping her son Rafferty off at pre-prep school for the last time before he transfers to a larger boys’ school, Martine broke down in tears on Instagram.


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