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Home and Away Spoilers – Heartbreak for Dean as Justin cheats

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Justin cheats his way to victory in the golf tournament out of desperation to win, but his actions cost Dean and Ziggy dearly.

The Summer Bay charity golf tournament, which is being finalised next week, is being organised by Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Roo (Georgie Parker) to raise $40,000 for a food truck that will benefit the local homeless charity the two have been volunteering for.

After obtaining nine holes at the neighbourhood course for free, Roo pulled off a victory last week when she was successful in persuading a Yabbie Creek vehicle dealership to provide the star prize—a brand-new set of wheels for the top individual player.

As luck would have it, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is having trouble at the farmhouse because she and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) only have one car between them; this has been the case ever since Dean’s was totaled in an accident back in 2021.

Ziggy is only now becoming aware of how lonely it may be while Dean has the car since she is growing weary of her forced bed rest as a result of her fall and the farmhouse’s remote location.

To Dean’s dismay, Ziggy’s fast online search while at the juice bar reveals that there aren’t any automobiles for sale in their price range. As a result, they had to take the bus into town to prevent becoming stir crazy.

While Dean eventually agrees to down the board shop, he does so on the condition that he is exempt from having to step foot on the golf course. In the meantime, Marilyn is still looking for new sponsors.

Dean’s intrigue is peaked, though, as Marilyn then discloses the brand-new prize up for grabs.

Dean subsequently tells John, “Good news mate.” I’m going to play on your golf team.

After adding Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) to the Palmer’s Putters team, which is now complete, John is quite amused to hear that Dean has no experience with the game (it’s not a popular activity in Mangrove River) and directs him towards opponent Justin (James Stewart).

After placing a $1,000 wager with John on which squad will win, Justin is eager to complete the trio and is only too delighted to welcome Dean. but when Dean chooses not to show up for a practise session—he intends to wing it on the day—he wonders if he made a mistake.

The two teams meet up on the golf course that evening for a practise round, and while Justin has complete faith in Theo’s abilities after witnessing him putt the balls, they both feel a little intimidated by the prowess of two-time champion Rose.

The Happy Chill-Mores might be in trouble with just Dean missing from the lineup.

Theo and Kirby are taken aback when Justin arrives home later than expected that evening and claims to have reviewed the course once more. Could the fact that he heard which golf buggy John’s squad had been assigned have anything to do with his nighttime excursion…?

The teams are dressed to the nines the following day when Roo and Marilyn declare the competition to be open.

Dean jumps on the back of his team’s buggy with his eye on the prize having already learned from Roo that the person who completes the course in the fewest number of shots would win the automobile.

Palmer’s Putters’ buggy appears to be malfunctioning, though. It won’t turn on!

It’s unfortunate, Justin remark, as they will now have to lug their golf clubs around the course.

As they near the finish line of the first hole, John and Rose are delighted with newbie Kirby’s progress on the green; the advice Rose provided her last week has undoubtedly been helpful.

Theo and Justin mock Theo’s attempts to give Dean guidance as they anxiously watch Dean take his turn.

Everyone is shocked when Dean chips the ball from the edge of the green and it goes directly into the hole; he must be a natural at it!

Justin expresses gratitude to John for sending Dean their way as the lads celebrate and go on to the following hole.

Justin continues to make fun of Palmer’s Putters’ lack of a buggy as the game goes on.

John now surmises that Justin’s occupation as a mechanic can’t possibly be a coincidence—they’ve unquestionably been sabotaged!

Theo also begins to click right away. He believes that some form of retaliation is necessary because Justin’s use of dirty techniques has angered him.

To Dean’s annoyance, Justin purposefully uses extra strokes on the following hole before Theo confronts him and urges him to be honest.

Justin ultimately gives in as Theo continues to purposefully miss shots in an effort to lose the game. but bottles out after going up to John; if he admitted, Dean’s possibility of getting a car may be in risk. He assures Theo that he will speak with Roo in confidence.

Alf makes the final announcement that evening. And Dean not only took home the automobile, but Justin’s team also won the competition!

However, Dean is unaware that Roo has already shown Alf and Marilyn some CCTV footage from the golf club the previous night as he calls Ziggy to share the joyful news. Alf still hasn’t finished making his announcement.

When Dean learns that Justin’s antics have cost him a car, how will he respond?


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