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Home and Away veteran Lynne McGranger tells of ‘dramatic’ exit plan

The actress intends to depart the programme with “the largest bang” because she is currently portraying the longest-running female role on Australian television.

Actress Lynne McGranger says she wants a “dramatic” retirement after spending more than 30 years portraying Irene Roberts on Home and Away.

The 70-year-old McGranger has no immediate intentions to retire.

Yet the topic has arisen as other performers, such as Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor, announced their departures, and Georgie Parker confirmed a brief break.

For three decades, viewers have seen McGranger’s character Irene as a lovely motherly figure and could not possibly foresee the “very sad” goodbye intentions the actress had for her sweet role.

She told Stuff.co.nz, “I want to go with the largest boom, the most dramatic exit.

“I want to get lost at sea, or I want to die a terribly long, sad death, with everyone crying and wail[ing] around me.

Maybe Irene might drown at sea, the body would never be found, there would be a memorial service and everything, and then she would just walk back into town.

Fans of Home and Away could not fathom the idea of McGranger leaving the show, especially after saying goodbye to so many other characters who were cherished by the audience.

“No! I don’t want to lose you,” a member of the Home and Away spoilers Facebook group wrote.

We love you, Irene, don’t leave, the second said.

“Alf and Irene must experience a dull demise, such as old age or whatever. Because we’ll lose our grandparents or parents.” one spoke about the persona played by Ray Meagher and actor McGranger.

In October 1993, McGranger made a permanent transition to Summer Bay after serving as a guest actor.

She passed radio personality and former co-star Kate Ritchie in 2014 to become the actor with the longest tenure in a single Australian role.

Between 1988 and 2008, Ritchie spent 20 years in the soap opera as Sally Fletcher.

Days before, fellow veteran Georgie Parker had revealed she would be taking a little hiatus from the show to work on other endeavours.

She said last week on Yahoo Lifestyle, “I’m glad that with or any other TV projects I’ve been associated with, I’ve been very fortunate that I kind of put it out there — if it’s going to be long term, that I need time out for plays.

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 19: Georgie Parker attends the 62nd TV Week Logie Awards on June 19, 2022 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Parker’s departure, while only temporary, comes after the long-term departures of two other Home and Away favourites.

In February, on-and-off-screen pair Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor made their exit official and shared their intentions to begin a new chapter.

O’Connor remarked in a tweet from last month, “Our time in the bay is drawing to an end, stay tuned next couple weeks @homeandaway.

The day in the bay with Dean and Ziggy is coming to an end. I continue to deny everything. Keep an eye out for their remaining weeks! @homeandaway #diggy #lildiggy,” Dillman said in an announcement on another website.

Supporters quickly responded in the comments section, with one expressing their “total gutbreak” over your departure. My very favourite couple in the entire bay. Please stay here.

“Heartbreaking, but I’m eager to see what you two do next!” added another.

O’Connor debuted in the series in 2018, while Dillman did so in 2017.


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