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Home and Away’s Jacqui Purvis’ life after moving in with co-star Matt Evans

Her character Felicity Newman was on the way to her wedding when tragedy struck and she was involved in a serious car accident which saw her fiancé standing at the altar alone

At the epicentre of a famous Home and Away mishap is Jacqui Purvis.
She was seriously injured in a car mishap on the way to her wedding to her fiancé Tane Parata.

Her existence is much less dramatic when she isn’t watching the soap opera, though.

Where is Jacqui originally from?

Before moving across the Australian coast, Jacqui lived in Melbourne.

Acting wasn’t her only passion as she started out as a dancer and began taking classes at a young age.

She reflected on the acting industry, sharing how hard it is as there tends to be a lot of rejection.

Where does Jacqui live now?

Over the course of their two years as roommates, the pals have become more open about the situation and who they are as people.

They didn’t settle down to discuss any dos and don’ts, according to Matt.

He admitted to Australia’s TV Week magazine, “We’ve never truly discussed our living situation or house rules.

We don’t even have to mention cleaning up after ourselves. In the event of an issue, we either address it openly or choose to act as if it never occurred.

Jacqui did, however, playfully acknowledge that Matt has a propensity to kill her plants.

They have a good work-life balance, according to the actress, because they are aware of one another’s requirements for downtime. She continued by saying that having a co-actor makes it easier for them to perform lines.

What other acting projects has Jacqui acted in?

Jacqui has been very busy before joining Home and Away. She played Callie in the 2018 film Sydney which earned her numerous awards, including Best Actress at the Los Angeles Film Awards.

She also acted in the AACTA-nominated independent film, A Lion Returns.


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